Teso Celebs Stand Up To Support Yonachan Lee

Teso Celebs Stand Up To Support Yonachan Lee


By Esther J. Apio | TheSpy Uganda Correspondent – Soroti

A number of Teso celebrities including Comedian Dolopiko have expressed their support for Yonachan Lee who fired shots against the management of Ateusio over proceeds from song downloads.

Dolopiko placed a plain request to the management of Ateusio to let Teso entertainment industry stand-alone if they can’t promote their music in particular.

“I love Teso music and for it to be lifted higher, we should love and encourage both producers and singers as well. In reference to one of your post about Yonachan Lee our musician, it was totally wrong to publish such a demoralizing post if you knew that you love Teso as Itesot” wrote Dolopiko who expressed his disappointment with ateusio for letting out the secret of Yona’s pleas.



Other artists who are Team Yona include Vipa Teso Mada and Kenprich.

Yona is one of the biggest figures in the Teso music industry who is looked upto by many upcoming artistes as a legend.


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