Uganda Will Surely Support Somalia’s Application To Join EAC-Museveni Assures President Hassan Muhamud

Uganda Will Surely Support Somalia’s Application To Join EAC-Museveni Assures President Hassan Muhamud an accessible web community

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni together with his Somali counterpart, H.E Sheikh Hassan Muhamud, on Wednesday afternoon joined the business community from Uganda and Somali for The Uganda-Somalia Investment Business Forum.

The first of its kind Investment Forum took place at Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala and is aimed at tapping viable investment opportunities in both countries of Uganda and Somalia.

Addressing the summit, President Museveni welcomed his Somali counterpart to Uganda and pledged to support Somalia’s application to join the East African Community (EAC).

“I welcome you to Uganda. I thank Your Excellency for agreeing to come and visit us. We have used the three-day visit for serious discussions. Uganda will support the application by Somalia -and has already done so- to join the East African Community,” President Museveni said.

Somalia, the President added, had already wanted to join EAC way back when the organisation had only 3 members (Uganda Kenya and Tanzania).

“This time, it is good that Somalia has applied again because they have all it takes. Somalia has got a border with Kenya, and is a democratic country. We shall definitely support Somalia to join the EAC,” President Museveni confirmed.

He also reaffirmed Uganda’s commitment and continued support for Somalia in their struggle to fight and defeat terrorism in their country. “We shall continue to support Somalia in their struggle against the terrorists. I am glad the people of Somalia have stood against these people,” he said.

President Museveni used the opportunity to invite the Somali business community to come and invest in Uganda. He said business people play a big role in de-campaigning sectarianism and promoting unity among communities.

“Finally, businesspersons are the most useful group because these people know the importance of market. Business people, historically, have contributed to the integration of countries. If you are a business man, you should not look at the tribe or religion of the customer,” the Ugandan leader said.

The President emphasised that the business community have a duty to politically de-campaign sectarianism and promote unity in the communities.

On his part, H.E Muhamud thanked President Museveni and his Government for the warm reception and the friendly relationship between their two countries.

“I want to thank President Museveni, the Government and people of Uganda for the warm welcome and organising this wonderful summit. Somalia and Uganda enjoy a lot of cooperation and values,” President Muhamud said.

He said his country values the strong relations and brotherhood that exist between Uganda and Somalia. He commended Uganda under the leadership of President Museveni for its continued effort and support in stabilising Somalia which has helped the country to realise peace and development.

“In 2007, Uganda was the first country to deploy in Somalia and keep peace. We are grateful for the support and the sacrifices you have made towards our country,” President Muhamud said.

He promised that these efforts by Uganda will not be in vain.

“We look forward to welcoming Ugandan business people to invest in Somalia”.

He said that the Framework Agreement signed here in 2016 is a clear statement of the strong relationship that exists between the Government of Uganda and the Government of Somalia.

“This summit is crucial and timely. Somalia has a lot of investment opportunities. We also want to ask President Museveni to champion the Somali quest to join the EAC. I want to reiterate the respect Somalia has for Uganda for championing peace in Somalia and our bilateral cooperation,” the Somali leader said.

He said that as Somalis they are ready to learn and share experiences from Uganda. an accessible web community

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