Scale SFC To Higher Heights – CDF To New SFC Commander

Scale SFC To Higher Heights – CDF To New SFC Commander

By Spy Uganda

The UPDF Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Wilson Mbadi on Tuesday presided over the hand and takeover of the Office of Commander Special Forces Command (CSFC) from Brig Gen Felix Busizoori to Brig Gen David Mugisha. At a function held at SFC Headquarters in Entebbe, the CDF tasked Brig Mugisha to pursue pending tasks left by Brig Busizoori so as to scale SFC to greater heights as he takes on the new office.

“During Busizoori’s time as Commander the mission of SFC was elevated, it was fitted within its strategic and tactical obligation. Gen Mugisha must therefore continue from where his predecessor has left through capacity building and by looking at the mission against the required equipment and personnel,” Gen Mbadi said. He urged the entire SFC fraternity to offer Gen Mugisha the necessary and general support so that he can take SFC to the next step and that the service can remain cohesive saying cohesiveness is key and one can only ignore it at their own peril.

He noted that as Presiding Officer, it gave him pleasure, honour and courage witness the transition from the outgoing to the incoming Commander. He therefore urged Brig Mugisha to continue researching on dynamic situations of the world in order to match the relevance of Special Forces Command. ”Training is a priority which improves soldiers’ proficiency, effectiveness, professionalism as well as increasing their level of patriotism,” Gen Mbadi noted.

The CDF applauded the outgoing SFC commander, Brig Busizoori for achieving a lot in a small time that he has been in office. He asked the new Commander to always apply revolutionary methods of work that he said are a big pillar in the management of the forces but also tasked him to pursue pending tasks left behind by his predecessor.

Gen Mbadi asked the new Commander and other SFC leaders, to continue grooming other leaders by ensuring no vacuum is left in the leadership ladder. He urged them to contribute to the interests of the country by making sure the country is stable and peaceful to spur socio – economic development and transformation

In his acceptance speech, Brig Gen Mugisha said he was ready to take the mantle of the Special Forces Command as the new Commander of one of the services of the UPDF.

“I can only pledge total loyalty to the Commander In Chief, the UPDF leadership, the UPDF family and the country at large. I will keep the standard of the Special Forces Command by having a well-trained force, agile, effective, efficient, versatile, dynamic, professional, productive, pro-people and ideologically oriented force to meet national, regional and global challenges,” Brig Mugisha said.


Brig Busizoori during his tour of duty as Commander SFC achieved among others the construction of 102 housing units with additional 80 units pending completion, successful VIP protection, massive vaccination of troops against Covid-19, renovation and completion of Lunyo barracks, construction and completion of a driving simulator among others.

President Museveni last week appointed Brig Gen Mugisha as the new SFC Commander to take over from Brig Gen Busizoori who is heading to Moroto as the Deputy Commander of the 3 Infantry Division of the UPDF in an appointment that saw the two General officers swap positions. an accessible web community

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