Umeme Opens Up Case Against MP Tayebwa At Katwe Police For Assaulting Its Agent On Official Duty At His Busabala Site

Umeme Opens Up Case Against MP Tayebwa At Katwe Police For Assaulting Its Agent On Official Duty At His Busabala Site

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Ruhinda North Member of Parliament, Hon Thomas Tayebwa is on spot for canning a UMEME contractor staff identified as Bukenya Bonny for allegedly disconnecting an illegal power connection which he had connected at his facility in Busaabala.

Thumped To Pulp: Bukenya Bonny A Staff Of UMEME Who Was canned By MP Tayebwa’s Boys

It is alleged that the officer was doing a follow up on the connections around Tayebwa’s home who had earlier been disconnected on 21 of August for defaulting to pay bills but had arrogantly and dubiously reconnected himself.

It is against that background that a concerned citizen,and renowned Pan-Africanist Andrew Irumba, upon getting a tip about the incident last night, went on his facebook and called for the intervention of UMEME management and the general public in  fighting for the victim’s Rights which were being abused by a whole legislator who by his role is supposed to protect the same but is instead using his position in society to torture the people is supposed to protect.


Irumba wrote thus; “I SPEAK WHAT OTHERS FEAR!

This arrogancy of Hon.Tayebwa Thomas should be fought with utmost resilience. Why beat up an agent of Umeme legally doing his job? I have been told (don’t know yet if true), that Tayebwa is a perennial defaulter on power. That they always disconnect him in his Busabala premises but connects self when Umeme staff leaves the premises. This time they reportedly found him having connected himself again!

That aside, Tayebwa is a lawyer and a law maker in parliament since 2016, where does he get powers to take the law in his hands? Let’s assume this was a conman, what does the law instruct Tayebwa to do?” 

Hon.Tayebwa Thomas Bio Data

Hon.Thomas Tayebwa (born 10 November 1980) is a Ugandan lawyer and politician. Since 2016, he is the elected Member of Parliament for Ruhinda North County in Mitooma District and a member of NRM, the ruling national political party in Uganda.

Tayebwa was yesterday found by UMEME’s Bukenya Bonny on direct supply (ILLEGAL ELECTRICITY CONNECTION) at one of his sites on Busabala road. The worker was doing a follow up because he had disconnected the Hon before on 21 of August. Tayebwa instead arrested him and instructed his boys on site to undress him before they started beating him thoroughly, little did they know that he was recording them.

“You’re a thief. You are just here to disturb us,” Tayebwa is heard speaking in a video before ordering him to be beaten. Reports also said Tayebwa had been disconnected on several occasions but apparently adamantly/stubbornly reconnected himself dubiously.

UMEME Opens Case Against The Errant MP

Meanwhile, Umeme has already opned up a case against the errant MP at Katwe police station. According to a statement released by UMEME PRO Peter Kaujju, they have already opened up an assault case against the MP vide Ref: SD/87/26/08/2020 at Katwe Police Station.

“Umeme’s attention has been drawn by a video making rounds in which one of our contractor employees is seen being beaten at the premises said to belong to Hon.Thomas Tayebwa in Busabala, Kampala.

UMEME’s Statement On The MP’s Misconduct Against Their Staff.
A case of assault under Ref: SD/87/26/08/2020 has been reported at Katwe Police Station. Umeme strongly condemns any acts of human rights violation.
The incident is being investigated and Umeme will provide the necessary support to the authorities in this matter,” Peter Kaujju’s letter reads. an accessible web community

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