Wakiso District Bazzukulu Endorse President Museveni’s Sole Candidature For 2026 Elections During Mega Empowerment Drive In Entebbe

Wakiso District Bazzukulu Endorse President Museveni’s Sole Candidature For 2026 Elections During Mega Empowerment Drive In Entebbe


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Kampala: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Bazzukulu in Wakiso district have endorsed him as their sole candidate in the coming 2026 elections.

This endorsement came on Thursday, June 27, during a mega empowerment event aimed at equipping locals with capital tools for wealth creation.

The empowerment package worth millions was delivered by the head of Office of The National Chairman(ONC) Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye at Entebbe Muslim Grounds.


Dubbed Wakiso district youths and women empowerment, the event attracted thousands of Bazzukulu who received capital items to improve on their house hold incomes and also get into the money economy as advised by the NRM party Chairman President Museveni.

While entering Entebbe, Hajjat Namyalo who also doubles as Museveni’s Senior Presidential Advisor on Political affairs was given warm welcome by hundreds of youths on boda bodas along side huge crowds who paralysed businesses and traffic along Entebbe road for several hours.

Speaking to the fully charged audience of Bazzukulu, Namyalo revealed that President Museveni being a lead advocate of wealth creation, delegated her on a mission to transform the lives of his Bazzukulu through empowerment initiatives further noting that the Entebbe empowerment drive was dedicated to the First Lady, Maama Janet Kataaha Museveni who celebrated her 76th birthday earlier this week.

“Thank you Mama Janet Museveni for honouring this good day to Wakiso District celebrating your birthday ,and Jajja Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa for the self empowerment you have availed to the People of Wakiso,” said Namyalo, adding that however much there were some hiccups towards the end of handing over of items, at least 90% of the registered groups walked away with items to go and start the journey out of poverty.

“Mama Janet Kataha Museveni, our dear mother, the mother of this mighty nation, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the grandfather of this nation, we have delivered all the stuff you gave us. We have equipped the people of Wakiso. Just like we have always been empowering other people in various parts of this country, today we’re here to preach wealth. Our Jajja and his dear one Mama Janet Museveni are proud advocates of wealth creation. Therefore we have come here to tell you that use these tools to kick poverty out of your homes,” she added.

Following today’s launch in Wakiso district, Namyalo further revealed that the self-empowerment drive will continue to Busiro, Kasangati, Nansana and Kira municipalities respectively.

“Those who have not benefited, kindly be patient. Today we have launched in Entebbe, but we’re coming to other areas of Wakiso, in Busiro we’re coming, we have Kasangati, Nansana and Kira, all on our list,” Namyalo said.


“This initiative is a testament to our dedication to improving the lives of Ugandans. By providing these tools, we are enabling our people to become self-sufficient and contribute to the nation’s development,” she added.

Namyalo also pledged to monitor government services and programs as well as ensuring that the wanainchi benefits from PDM, Emyooga, Youth Livelihood Funds, etc, which she said are not accessible to the locals due to a lot of bureaucracy.

”I know very well that the government has good poverty eradication programmes, but sometimes you the local wanainchi don’t benefit due to a lot of bureaucracy, therefore as you wait for PDM cash and others, Jajja has sent me to give you these tools so that you can fight poverty and especially our ladies who have been going for ‘street night work’ please as you work hard to fight poverty also remember to tell those men to use condoms so that we can curb HIV deaths in Entebbe,” Namyalo noted.

Among the items distributed to the bazzukulu included hoes, sprayers, G. nuts grinding machines, welding machines, mattresses and blankets, sawing machines, hair dryers, chapati-making machines, cooking oil, deep fryers, tool boxes for mechanics, chicks and poultry feeds among others.

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