War: Germany Slaps China With £130billion Bill For ‘Coronavirus Damages, Beijing Spits Fire

War: Germany Slaps China With £130billion Bill For ‘Coronavirus Damages, Beijing Spits Fire

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By Spy Uganda

A few days after USA President Donald Trump threatened to sanction China for allegedly propagating the spread of Coronavirus, Germany has also slapped the Asian giant with a bill worth £130bn over the same allegations.

Actually, as you read this, Germany since joined the US, UK, and France US in a rare attack against China, after Berlin asserted that Beijing is responsible for the global pandemic and hence the Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to issue a £130bn invoice on president Xi Jinping’s government.

However, Germany’s demand sparked off massive outrage in China after a major newspaper put together a £130bn invoice, asserting that Beijing ‘owes’ Berlin billions of pounds because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Germany’s economy and lives of their people.

Germany’s largest tabloid newspaper, Bild, joined the outrage by drawing up an itemised invoice for €149bn (£130b) for Germany on China on medical bills, emergency response, remuneration for medical personnel, isolations facilities, lives lost, among other damages.

The list also includes a €27 billion charge for lost tourism revenue, up to €7.2 billion for the German film industry, a million euros an hour for German airline Lufthansa and €50 billion for German small businesses.

Bild calculated that this amounts to €1,784 (£1,550) per person if Germany’s GDP falls by 4.2 percent, under the title “What China owes us.”

However, China responded by claiming the invoice “stirs up xenophobia and nationalism”

Recent attacks come amid findings that Beijing allegedly covered up the true scale of the crisis, as the source of the outbreak remains a mystery.

Last week, Trump warned that China shall face dire consequences if it was ‘knowingly responsible’ for unleashing the Coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump told reporters that: “It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn’t, and the whole world is suffering because of it.

If it was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake. But if they were knowingly responsible, then there should be consequences.”

He said the Chinese were “embarrassed” and the question was whether what happened with the coronavirus was “a mistake that got out of control, or was it done deliberately?”

Just like Germany is doing now, President Trump and his senior aides have repeatedly accused China of lacking transparency and concealing the actual number of deaths.

This week the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak started, revised its number of fatalities by with a sudden 50% jump in the figure.

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