We Must End This Bloody Massacre Against Palestine -Cuba Joins South Africa In ICJ Case Against Israel Genocide In Gaza

We Must End This Bloody Massacre Against Palestine -Cuba Joins South Africa In ICJ Case Against Israel Genocide In Gaza


By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Cuba has announced its decision to participate in the proceedings initiated by South Africa against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), joining a growing list of nations challenging Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez confirmed the move on Friday via a statement on X, formerly Twitter.

“Cuba has decided to participate as a third-party state in South Africa’s complaint against Israel before the ICJ,” Rodriguez declared, highlighting Cuba’s intent to support the claim that Israel has breached the Genocide Convention in Gaza.


As a third-party state, Cuba will not be directly involved in the dispute but will present legal arguments to support its interpretation of the Genocide Convention.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs elaborated in a statement, asserting that Israel has “flagrantly violated” the standards of the convention through its actions in the Gaza Strip, which Cuba considers illegally occupied.

“Cuba will exercise its right to present, as a third-party state, its interpretation of the standards of the convention that Israel has flagrantly violated through its actions in the illegally occupied Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip,” the statement read.

It emphasized Havana’s commitment to supporting international efforts aimed at ending what it described as genocide against the Palestinian people.

South Africa first approached the ICJ in late December, urging the court to address Israel’s genocidal war on Palestinians. In January, the ICJ ordered Israel to prevent any acts of genocide and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, although it stopped short of mandating a ceasefire.

Following a subsequent appeal from Pretoria, the ICJ directed Israel on May 24 to “immediately” halt its military aggression in Rafah.

The court has not yet ruled on the core allegation that Israel is in violation of the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention.


The case has garnered support from several countries, including Colombia, Mexico, and Chile, with Ireland also expressing its intention to join the proceedings.

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