You’re Arrogant: DP’s Musoke Sserunjogi Faults Lord Mayor Lukwago On Foiled Council Meeting!

You’re Arrogant: DP’s Musoke Sserunjogi Faults Lord Mayor Lukwago On Foiled Council Meeting!

By Ronaldo N Kalangi

The Kampala Central Division mayor Charles Musuke Sserunjogi has faulted the two time City Lord mayor Erias Lukwago for yesterday’s foiled KCCA council meeting that turned chaotic.

Drama ensued at City Hall yesterday as Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) staff snubbed a council meeting called by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago which had been called two weeks ago to discuss the Bills on Kampala markets, taxis and boda bodas.

Notices were served to the Kampala minister, KCCA executive director, division mayors and all councillors.
The preparation of the two Bills was triggered by the urgent need to streamline the operations of Kampala markets and transport business in the city.

However, as Mr Lukwago prepared to chair the meeting, he learnt that the KCCA deputy executive director, Mr Samuel Serunkuma, had written to Kampala Minister Beti Olive Namisango Kamya on Friday, querying its legality.

In a three-paged letter, a copy of which TheSpy Uganda has seen, Mr Sserunkuma argued that whereas the Bills had been presented for the first reading before the council in May, they had not been drafted.

Mr Serunkuma also said a number of items previously included on the order paper for the previous meeting such as the standing committee reports were not considered hence it was not proper for the meeting to proceed with new business yet there was unfinished work.

This angered councilors who later convened a crisis meeting with Mr Erias Lukwago to discuss the letter.
During the meeting, Mr Lukwago underscored the importance of the Bills passed into law, arguing that they were behind schedule.

“I cannot sit here and presume that we are not going to meet and discuss these salient matters because the KCCA Act empowers us to do so. Mr Sserunkuma, is therefore, out of order to query our operations because whatever we do is in line with the law,” he said.
Mr Lukwago wondered why they could not attend the meeting yet the minister had not responded to their letter.

However, in a separate interview with this reporter, Mr Charles Sserunjogi faulted the Lord mayor for using a ‘disresctful tone’ in his letter to other stake holders (minister and KCCA administration). an accessible web community

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