“I’m Not Dating King Saha”-Spice Diana

“I’m Not Dating King Saha”-Spice Diana

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By Benjamen Emuk.

Diana Namukwaya better known by her stage name Spice Diana,has openly  denied claims by the public that she is dating King Saha.

As a result of the current public array of intimacy between King Saha and Spice Diana, many have drawn a conclusion that the two artists could be dating.

Speaking to our reporter, Spice Diana denied the allegations saying they were not true.

“All what people are saying is not true. King Saha is my fellow artist and we have a project together,” said Spice Diana.

King Saha and Spice Diana having a good time together.

The “32” singer added that all the photos taken were in preparations for the collaboration which will be released soon.

This is not the first time the two singers have been linked to each other as they on many occasions have been seen hanging out together.

It should be noted that Spice opened up that she was dating although she didn’t mention any name.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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