Bryan White Defends Singer Chameleon Over Alleged ‘PickPocket’ Habits.

Bryan White Defends Singer Chameleon Over Alleged ‘PickPocket’ Habits.

By Emuk Benjamin

Makindye: Early this week, a video clip circulated on social media showing singer Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Dr.Jose Chameleon with a bundle of money which he allegedly stole from Kampala’s newest socialite pencilthin Bryan white when King Michael, Weasel, Chameleon and Bryan white had gone to check on bedridden Mowzey Radio at case clinic last Friday.

In a YouTube video, Chameleon seemed to have pick-pocketed Bryan whites’ money and passed it behind his (Brian) back and then is seen taking off in a suspicious manner, witnesses within his group.

To clear the air, Kirumira Bryan alias Bryan white has come out publically to defend the “Valu Valu” singer saying chameleon did not steal his money but rather gave it to him to keep.

In a recorded video clip, Bryan white rubbished the allegations that Chameleon stole his money and instead said those were haters of his [Brian White] foundation trying to separate him with Lion Ireland boss. “It’s true I have money but there is a situation when someone cannot stoop that low to do such a thing, Chameleon is a family man, has responsibilities and has also seen money. Because we were in a very difficult situation on that day with many people targeting me, I handed over the money to chameleon that is why he moved away from where I was standing”, cleared white. Brian cautioned the public against disrespecting their artists.

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