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NBS Television’s Chief Executive officer(CEO) Mr.Kin Kariisa, in line with his dream to be the number  one Television station and Uganda’s Political ‘Command center’, has fired his News Editor John Bosco Imokola over what our sources quoted him terming as ‘poor News performance’.

NBS,after giving NTV a running stomach both in coverage and business pitching, Its CEO Kin as fondly called by his close friends has vowed to maintain his position in the market share by hook or crook. Infact, he warned his staff during the meeting to fold their sleeves, because, “though it’s hard to be number one, keeping yourself in that position is more difficult”, he was quoted saying.

On Wednesday morning, Kariisa announced Joyce Bagala as the new News manager who will spearhead all the operations of the News department of the Media Plaza based Television.

“We realized that we needed to benefit from our transformation so I have made changes in order to improve our News”, he said.

Meanwhile, Imokola has been appointed as the new Head of the Next media, a journalism training academy which has been set up by Kariisa himself based at the rooftop on the same building.

Joe Kigozi, the chief of strategy at Next Medi described the academy as a game changing initiative in the media industry in the country and the region at large.

Imokola worked with defunct WBS TV before joining NBS TV a few months ago.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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