Gulu Pilgrimage: Gen Saleh Warns On Huge Hotel Accommodation Bills By Artists Turned National Beggars

Gulu Pilgrimage: Gen Saleh Warns On Huge Hotel Accommodation Bills By Artists Turned National Beggars

By Spy Uganda

Gulu: Gen.Salim Saleh aka Caleb Akandwanaho the chief coordinator of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has issued a statement via Gulu City Resident Commissioner Odongping Dennis warning guest house proprietors in Gulu City to stop accomodating those who claim to be General’s guests without his consent.

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For a couple of months, Ugandan musicians have been running to Gulu day and night to meet General Saleh who has been reportedly splashing money to them as COVID-19 bailout. And it’s alleged that once respected so-called celebs who are now considered serial beggars are the ones that have been occupying these hotels on bills of General Saleh.

Now, in a letter seen by TheSpy Uganda dated 13th September 2021, the retired Ugandan military officer who served in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), the armed forces of Uganda, Saleh has spit venom against this act reminding the guest house proprietors of a meeting they held on 16th April 2021 where he cautioned them from hosting anyone who claims to be his guest without the official booking of his Military Assistance Colonel Jimmy Nkojo.

The letter further reveals that despite the above meeting, the caution was not taken seriously by the guest house proprietors thus escalating bills the army officer is squeezed to pay.

Letter Warning Guest House Proprietors

”The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we have continued to receive information that some of you have continued to accommodate guests purporting to be guests of the General despite our caution. Take notice that any bookings not sanctioned by the Military Assistance of the General will not be honoured,” adds the letter. (Tramadol) an accessible web community

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