Immigration Officer Fired For Placing Wife On Terror List

Immigration Officer Fired For Placing Wife On Terror List

By Spy Uganda

London, UK: An immigration officer was so sick of his wife that he out her on a terrorist watch list- so she couldn’t get home from Pakistan.

The officer added her name to the register of people banned from flights into the UK while she was visiting family members. When she went to the airport to get her return flight back, officials told her she could not board the plane and didn’t explain why. She called her husband, who promised to look into it, but left her stuck in Pakistan for three years while ‘he had the time of his life!’  An immigrations source said; “A lot of people may dislike  their other halves but to do this takes it to the next level. Needless to say she was confused when she got to the airport as she had never been involved in anything criminal or terrorist related. She obviously thought her husband being an immigration officer would be able to find out what was going on. (Modafinil Online) Little did she know it was him who had put her on the list!”

The officer was caught out when bosses vetted him after he went for a promotion. They realised his wife was on the watch list and asked him for an explanation. He had no choice but to confess what he had done and was fired.

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