Ishaka Municipality Residents Worried Of Looking Cholera OutBreak Due To Stinking Garbage Heaps

Ishaka Municipality Residents Worried Of Looking Cholera OutBreak Due To Stinking Garbage Heaps

By Micheal Atwakiire

Bushenyi: Bushenyi District is one of the oldest districts in Uganda created in 1974 out of Mbarara. The well established modal District seems to be not only modal in good things but also in bad.

The area is affected by poor waste management. When one visits streets and corridors of Ishaka, Kizinda towns in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality, wonders of the stinking smell coming out of the garbage that had not been collected for weeks.

Large heaps of garbage are in homes and premises of businesses. Shops, restaurants, clinics, and markets like Kisenyi, are among those affected. The corridor near Crane radio, Ruteda Herbal clinic, BB health Centre and Radiology clinic, at the entrance of former Ishaka Taxi Park at Kabirisi road, Kizinda market is sticking.

People have continued disrespecting the guidelines set by the Municipality by dumping garbage everywhere however much having warning notices with tough action to discipline the one caught.

Locals blame authorities for not working on garbage collection with urgency. “We have cried for help from authorities but the situation has persisted leaving us with no option apart from dumping wastes everywhere,” said a resident.

Others say, they have tried their role by dumping garbage in one place, however, it takes weeks for authorities to respond. “We play our role. We dump garbage in one place but it takes weeks for a truck to pick them. That’s why they stink,” said Olivia Musimenta a business lady in Kizinda.

Didas Muhanguzi, the Deputy town Clerk Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality said, they have a problem of one garbage truck that serves all Municipality divisions but urged locals to be calm and maintain sanitation as they find a solution.

Recently, the municipal health officer Sheema also warned Kabwohe town residents to stop dumping their garbage anywhere as a way of preserving sanitation. an accessible web community

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