Kinu Vs Bikini: Excitement Engulfs Pan African Pyramid Partiers Ahead Of Saturday’s Luxurious Get-Together Party

Kinu Vs Bikini: Excitement Engulfs Pan African Pyramid Partiers Ahead Of Saturday’s Luxurious Get-Together Party an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: As you read this, the heartbeat of Pan African Pyramid (PAP) members led by known partiers that will be mentioned shortly below has since gone high as a result of the forthcoming long-awaited get-together party scheduled this weekend at one of the most sumptuous Entebbe beaches with Bikini for females vs Kinu for males as a dress code.

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Before i take you far, we all know how the deadly-novel coronavirus smashed everyone financially, psychologically, and in other aspects of life.

According to our spy, due to the above tantalizing and unbearable situation, a couple of yet to be identified PAP members (oba which party animals could these be??? hmmm anyway) secretly petitioned the man with a thousand titles dubbed PAP Chairman, Speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe aka Mr.Golfer (recently joined Toro Golf Club)…to have a party in a bid to reboot their medulla oblongata.

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Unbelievable, our spy says that for the first time, the ever-busy Chairman kicked his busy schedule aside and gave green lights to the petitioners…in fact he didn’t only okay the agenda but jubilantly confirmed his presence too for the same saying; “its high time to refresh my mind now, you know i always have a lot on my head, so these are the moments i missed in COVID, i will attend too.”

Telling you how the party animals including Ms,Monica Kobusiinge, Ms,Chritine Karungi and famous ‘Ajono’ enemies Mr.Emuku Benjamin and Samuel Opio have been pumping the party is another comprehensive story we can share another day!

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Venue, Arrangements, & Participation

TheSpy Uganda has since learnt that the party is scheduled for Saturday, 27, March 2021 at lavish Botanical Gardens, Entebbe as the venue after the team rejected splashing their money on already polluted Kampala hotels.

According to the budget intercepted by our ever-alert spy, the team is set to mercilessly bang over five million Uganda shillings…yes with the COVID-19 situation the fellows have no mercy for this ka money! and this will be generated by members themselves who are flocking administrator’s office day and night to clear their pledges before the set date.

Asked whether they would allow non-PAP members with the same agenda for the party to join them, Monica Kobusiinge the front page of this party replied; “yes of course! you know this is a party for Pan Africanists, and Pan Africanism has no boundaries, so we can’t leave anyone out…although for a better party we ask everyone to make any pledge he/she can manage to clear with in the shortest period of time we are remaining with.”

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Few of those we can mention here about how gorgeous the party will be, the team will reach at the venue at 10am, have a couple of games among them including football, netball, volleyball, swimming, among others.

Later! the team will go for bombastic music on a high leveled music system that will be hired directly from the City [Kampala]…..after, you hear the ‘Ajono absorbers squeezing wine and whisky boozers’…pregnant ones won’t risk here of course…will be just spectators.

Can’t leave this out, drinks of all tribes and foods of all nations will be plenty with some chicken, P1G ka thing and by the way, rabbit meat that we have learnt was contributed by Mr.Uhuru Sserubiri a proud Pan Africanist.

Stay logged on for our next edition after this party..! an accessible web community

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