Minister Tumwebaze Tips NRM New MPs At Kyankwanzi On Strategic Communication Skills For Effective Mobilization

Minister Tumwebaze Tips NRM New MPs At Kyankwanzi On Strategic Communication Skills For Effective Mobilization an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development dubbed, Kibale Member of Parliament, Frank Kagyigi Tumwebaze, on the invitation of the NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba lectured the newly elected NRM MPs attending an ‘induction lecture’ at The National Leadership Institute(NALI)-Kyanwanzi.

Our spy patrolling the sessions in Kiboga so far revealed that the veteran politician gave the most moving presentation to the attentive audience who kept nodding their heads  in agreement as he took them through point after after another on how best they can sail through along with media, especially with the latest technology in communication with the introduction of social media.

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Minister Tumwebaze (3rd L) With Other Elected NRM MPs

Tumwebaze’s presentation/lecture left a couple of new MPs yearning for more, praising him for satisfactorily tutoring on how to harness & leverage communication platforms (traditional media)  and new media tools for their own political visibility and personal political branding. “Don’t go into oblivion like your predecessors, use the latest technologies like social media and the traditional tools of communication to leverage your political visibility and personal branding. Don’t misuse these communication tools, instead use them well to communicate your programmes and mobilization,” Tumwebaze added.

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“Ooh! This man is really hands-on, his lecture was soo captivatingly amazing and vital. Because most of us are young and first timers in parliament, we feel that we really needed this kind of expertise to remain relevant and not lose next elections like our predecessors, by engaging proactively on social media, do research so as to equip ourselves with the knowledge that will enable us engage in quality debates both on the floor of parliament and in the wider mass media. I think the secretary general thought well to invite him to talk to us. This is so my biggest TAKE-HOME,” revealed one of the newest MPs from Tooro sub-region when asked about Tumwebaze’s lecture.

The former ICT Minister Tumwebaze advised each new MP to have an active Twitter handle and verified Facebook page/account to connect with their voters in their constituencies.

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He told the new MPs to make it a habit to always appear on local radio and television stations in their respective communities whenever they’re requested, to communicate to the residents about the progress of government programs and other important messages that benefit the community.

Minister Tumwebaze (Left) Sharing A Light Moment With Security Minister Gen. EllyTumwine

The minister also warned MPs against subscribing to the idea of ‘silent majority’ talk that was innovated by NRM diehard Bebe Cool. He told them that if they become silent and fail to tell their political stories in a proactive manner, their opponents will tell it on their behalf and do so in a distorted manner aimed at maligning them.

Meanwhile, his boss, President Yoweri Museveni, at the same event directed newly elected NRM MPs and the Ministry of ICT to draw a new media strategy which government and the NRM party shall adopt in order to neutralize the opposition.

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Museveni said that for long, the NRM party and himself as its chairperson concentrated more on doing than talking yet both doing and working are equally important to government and the people.

“Our revolutionary method of silently doing things should stop and we adopt a new way of communicating our achievements,” Museveni directed during the ongoing three-week retreat.

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“The previous narrative of ‘we shall know them by their fruits’ should end and we forge a way out,” Museveni said, adding that although performance is the most important thing, there is no harm in talking about this performance as well. an accessible web community

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