The Able Leadership Of Experienced Museveni Will Solve Uganda, Kenya Trade Issues-Minister Tumwebaze

The Able Leadership Of Experienced Museveni Will Solve Uganda, Kenya Trade Issues-Minister Tumwebaze

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Kampala: Ugandan legislator dubbed Minister of Gender Labour and Social Development Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze has poured comfort in the hearts of Ugandans especially traders who have been hugely affected by Uganda-Kenya’s trade row saying that both President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Kenyatta are filled with unbeatable leadership skills that will see all matters solved soon.

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A proud netizen Tumwebaze via his Twitter handle says; “whatever regional politics that may be at play, as Ugandans we still trust that the reasonable Kenya Government led by the able President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta & his able deputy William Ruto will stand above all those & put first the long historical relations between our two countries.”

Commenting about President Museveni’s able leadership, Tumwebaze says; “quite often our own Kaguta Museveni is judged harshly for always being reluctant to announce retaliatory measures against regional provocations. He never believes in retaliation because two wrongs don’t make one right & above all, he values the bigger unity than the small differences.”

Minister Tumwebaze’s statements reflect on the ban previously imposed on Ugandan maize which has been lifted a few hours ago. Kenya said that its authorities conducted surveillance on the safety of food imports and found that “maize imported from Uganda and Tanzania have high levels of mycotoxins that are consistently beyond safety limits.”

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After lifting the ban today, Kenya imposed stringent regulations on Uganda and Tanzania traders including all maize importers to be registered with the government and also make open the details of their warehouses.

“While we strive to give Kenya safe food by addressing the challenge in the production system, we equally expect our trading partners to trade safe maize as per the East African Community (EAC) standards,” said Kenya’s Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Lawrence Angolo.

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Traders will also be required to have a certificate of origin from the counties of produce before they get clearance at the border points. an accessible web community

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