Senior Driver Rajiv Ruparelia Leads Nine Other Rallyists To Kenya For FIA, ARC Equator Rally

Senior Driver Rajiv Ruparelia Leads Nine Other Rallyists To Kenya For FIA, ARC Equator Rally

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Uganda’s senior rallyist, Rajiv Ruparelia after being cleared by the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda, will lead fellow rallyists for the two-day; Equator Rally Championship to kick off in Kenya on 23-25 April 2021.

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The Equator Rally will be held at the Soysambu Conservancy in Naivasha.

A total of 35 drivers from the region are confirmed for this coming weekend’s FIA Equator Rally, which serves as a round of the Africa Rally Championship as well as a dress rehearsal for the WRC Safari Rally taking place from 24th to 27th June.

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From Uganda, Rajiv, who will be navigated by Enoch Olinga in a VW Polo; is accompanied by Duncan Mubiru (Kinkankane)/Musa Nsubuga; Kepher Walubi/ Asuman Mohammed; Christakis Fitidis; Abdul Kateete/ Rahma Mohammed and Amaanraj Singh Rai, Yassin Nasser/ Ali Katumba; Ronald Sebuguzi/ Anthony Mugambwa; and Jas Mangat/ Joseph Kamya.

TheSpy Uganda has since learnt that Ruparelia is to compete with not only Africans but with stars from Asia including, among them – Oman’s based Minti Motorsport’s Joey Ghose, as well as Kenya’s rising star Karan Patel.

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According to organizers, the event will have 11 stages, accounting for a total competitive distance of 206.72kms kicking off on Friday with the ARC drivers taking on a qualifying stage of 5.40km to determine their starting position the following day. (

Here Is FIA ARC Equator Rally Entry List Of 35 Participants 

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1 Rajiv Ruparelia -Enoch Olinga F UG -Volkswagen Polo/Proto

2 Tejveer Rai -Gareth Dawe  KEN-Volkswagen Polo-R5

3 Ian Duncan -Tej Sehmi KEN -Nissan 240RS -Classic

4 Carl Tundo -Tim Jessop KEN -Mitsubishi Evolution 10

5 Onkar Rai -Drew Sturrock P KENUK Volkswagen Polo -R5

6 Baldev Chager -Ravi Soni KEN – Mitsubishi Evolution 10 RC2-R4

7 Karan Patel -Tauseef KhanKEN-Ford Fiesta -R5

8 Jasmeet Chana -Ravi Chana  – Mitsubishi Evolution 10

9 Issa Amwari-Job Njiru KEN Mitsubishi Evolution 10

10 Amaanraj Rai -Oslaj Viljem -UG -SLOV- Ford Fiesta R5

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11 Giancarlo Davite -Sylvia Vindevogel RWA- Mitsubishi Evolution 10

12  Pratul Ghose -Imran Khan UK-KEN-Volkswagen Polo

13 Eric Bengi -Peter Mutuma -KEN  Mitsubishi Evolution 10

14 Yasin Nasser -Ali Katumba F UGUG-Subaru Impreza

15 Duncan Mubiru -Musa Nsubuga UG Subaru Impreza

16 Kepher Walubi -Muhamadi Asuman UG Mitsubishi Evolution 10

17 John Ng’ang’a -Edward Ndukui 1 KEN – Subaru Impreza

18 Nikhil Sachania -Deep Patel – KEN – Mitsubishi Evolution 10

19.Aakif Virani -Azhar Bhatti  -KEN -Skoda Fabia R5

20 Piero Canobbio -TBA -KEN – Mitsubishi Evolution 10

21 Hassan Alwi -James Mwangi-UG -KEN -Subaru Impreza

22 Mcrae Kimathi -Shameer Yusuf 1 KEN – Subaru Impreza

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23 Steve Mwangi -Dennis Mwenda -KEN- Subaru Impreza

24 Guy Botterill -Simon Vacy-Lyle  -RSA- Toyota Etios RC2-R5

25 Christakis Fitidis -Eric Nzamwita – UG RWA- Mitsubishi Evolution 10

26 Hussein Malik -Linet Ayuko- Mitsubishi Evolution 10

27 Evans Kavisi -Absolom Aswani 2 KEN – Mitsubishi Evolution 10

28 Ronald Sebuguzi -Anthony Mugambwa  UG – Mitsubishi Evolution 10

29 Jonathan Somen -Richard Hechle  -KEN -Ford Escort MK2 Classic

30 Kailesh Chauhan -Tariq Malik 2 KEN – Ford Escort RS -Classic

31 Edward Maina -John Ngugi 1 KEN – Subaru Impreza

32 Nzioka Waita -Tuta Mionki -KEN -Mitsubishi Evolution 10

33  Daren Miranda -Wayne Fernandes -KEN- Subaru Impreza RC2

34 Geoff Mayes -Suzanne Zwager -KEN – Landrover Tomcat

35  Hamza Anwar -Riyaz Ismail 2 KEN -Subaru Impreza an accessible web community

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