Morocco Joins Growing List Of African Countries To Legalize Cannabis As Uganda Remains In Snoring Mode

Morocco Joins Growing List Of African Countries To Legalize Cannabis As Uganda Remains In Snoring Mode

By Spy Uganda

As more multinational companies are setting up cannabis farms across the world, more attention has been diverted to Africa where more countries are now decriminalizing the use of Marijuana in Africa with the latest being Morocco.

Morocco is one of the world’s largest producers of cannabis and suppliers illegal by-products like Hashish.

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The north African country earlier this month Wednesday the law authorizing the therapeutic use of cannabis, a major reform for this North African country considered as one of the first producers of hashish in the world.

The legal use implies means it can only be used in medicine, cosmetics and even for industrial purposes.

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Last year, Rwanda permitted the production and processing of medical marijuana with an aim to maximize its profits. The Rwanda government reiterated that its production and use will only be limited to licensed dealers like pharmacies and that cannabis consumption remains illegal.

In South Africa, the government is still pursuing plans to ensure that the Southern African country can maximize on the plant by turning marijuana into a viable business.

This came after a landmark ruling by the Constitutional Court in 2018 permitting the use, possession and cultivation of cannabis in private dwellings was not illegal and should be allowed in South Africa.

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Uganda enacted one of the stringent laws to curb the use of cannabis but at the same time allowed the commercialization of the product.

The Ugandan government spent over $264,000 to secure high-quality cannabis seeds in 2019. They also secured buyers from Germany and Canada after getting approval from the European Union in 2019.

Other countries that have legalized the commercial use and export of cannabis in Africa are Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

A 2019 report by the Africa Regional Hemp and Cannabis indicates that Africa’s contribution to the Cannabis global market amounted to $37.3 billion which represents 11% of the world’s market. an accessible web community

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