Muhoozi Goes Bare Nuckles With His 2026 Presidency Bid, Urges His Supporters To Give His Dad The Last Chance!

Muhoozi Goes Bare Nuckles With His 2026 Presidency Bid, Urges His Supporters To Give His Dad The Last Chance!

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: If you realize, all along Muhoozi has been dodging or hiding that he is behind what’s now commonly known as ‘The Muhoozi Project’. He has been tactfully fueling the project through his right-hand man Balaam Barugahara as he watches through lenses to test the ‘waters’ on the ground. But his latest revelation is now clear that indeed this could be something he personally ‘blessed’.

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This has been unveiled via his latest tweet where he thanked his supporters for showering him unlimited love and for always standing up for him before asking them for the meantime to support his father and incumbent Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the last term.

He tweeted, “Thank you all my friends for the love, support and for always standing up for me. However, now it’s important that we all support the father of the nation and Commander in Chief Kaguta Museveni. As the great revolutionary Che Guevara used to say ‘Venceremos’! ‘We will win’!”

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Before it even took a minute, it was backed up by “his alleged campaigner” #Balaam #Barugaha aka Ssabavulu, who tweeted requesting him not to disobey them [Ugandans] as their next President.

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“You are our hope after mzee don’t let us down, General,” he tweeted.

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Looking at it through another angle, proponents of what has come to be known as the ‘Muhoozi Project’ argue that the first son has been fast-tracked through the army hierarchy, as a way of grooming him to control the armed forces and eventually take over as head of state. This is in contrast with former Libyan iron man Col.Muamar Gaddafi with his son Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi whom he was grooming to take over him.

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Below Is UPDF’s Muhoozi 

  • 1999: Joined the army as a Cadet Officer
  • 2000: Graduated from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (UK), promoted to Lieutenant
  • 2003: Promoted to Major, heads Motorised Infantry Battalion of the Presidential Guard Brigade
  • 2008: Graduated from Fort Leavenworth (US), promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, commanding Special Forces Guard
  • 2012: Promoted to Brigadier, commanding Special Forces Command
  • 2016: Promoted to Major General
  • 2017: Appointed Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations
  • 2019: Promoted to Lieutenant General

In 2013, the then coordinator of intelligence agencies in Uganda, General Sejusa alleged that individuals opposed to the alleged ‘Muhoozi Project’ were being targeted for assassination.

We can’t talk about first son’s Presidency and forget about Sejusa’s letter that was leaked to the public through media outlets alleging that President Museveni and his closest family members were plotting to install Muhoozi as president.

Muhoozi’s Rise

The army has on several occasions defended Muhoozi’s promotions, saying he has earned them, and insisting that the army’s promotions board is not influenced by president Museveni.

‘‘Muhoozi’s promotion and progress has been normal. He is a disciplined, dedicated and the highly trained officer who has been serving with us for a long time,” once acting army spokesperson Capt. Chris Magezi said in 2012.

Muhoozi himself has cited the completion of courses and operational experience as some of the merits he has to justify his promotions to positions of command in the army.

‘‘Courses prepare you for the next level of command, which comes with a rank…all the units that I have commanded have been in operations, so I have the prerequisite operational experience,’‘ Muhoozi said in an interview with the national broadcaster.

Is Muhoozi Interested In The Presidency?

Muhoozi has on several occasions distanced himself from reports of the succession plot, saying he is too busy with military work to nurse political ambitions.

‘‘I don’t have the ambition to be president. I am very happy being in the military and that is where I intend to stay for some time,’‘ Muhoozi said following his promotion to Major General in 2016.

Feasibility: Can Muhoozi Succeed His Father?

In an interview with Al-Jazeera in 2013, Museveni said the question of whether he can be succeeded by his son, can only be answered by ‘Muhoozi and the people of Uganda’, adding that ‘it is not in the short run’.

The president also ‘advised’ his son to go through the procedures laid out in the constitution if he is interested in the presidency.

The 1995 Uganda constitution stipulates that a president of Uganda must be a person elected by the citizens in a popular vote under universal adult suffrage. an accessible web community

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