Respect Kingdom Administrative Structures Or Face Our Full Wrath- Tooro Kingdom Speaker Blasts King Oyo On Mucwa Project

Respect Kingdom Administrative Structures Or Face Our Full Wrath- Tooro Kingdom Speaker Blasts King Oyo On Mucwa Project

By Our Reporter

There’s a very big war brewing up between the Omukama of Tooro Dr.Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi 1V Amooti and the Rwigi (speaker) of the Tooro Kingdom Orukurato Orukuru, Owek.Saul Mugasa, the speaker of the Kingdom’s supreme organ, Parliament.

The ‘war’ stems from the fact that, apparently, King Oyo has allegedly usurped the powers of the speaker and his cabinet and all the relevant departments of the kingdom which were put to among others, oversee the kingdom’s continuity with its purpose to serve its people.

Speaker’s Letter To King Oyo

Oyo, recently went ahead and wrote to the Rwigi informing him to officially inform his cabinet that he (king) had, himself already identified, negotiated, agreed, passed and awarded a multi million contract to a contractor to renovate Mucwa chambers.

Oyo, sources say, took advantage of prime minister Bernad Tugwako’s absence, who’s on a sickbed to quickly pass on the dubious deals through his 1st deputy premiere Nyakake, who’s believed to be his blue-eyed girl when it comes to ‘transactional businesses’. It’s said that Bernad declined to get involved. Before he fell sick he had fallen out with the King on the same and vehemently refused to cooperate to facilitate his shady deals, together with his mother, Queen Best Kemigisa Akiiki, the master of shoddy deals. (

Oyo’s Letter To Speaker

In what many of Kingdom’s subjects have termed as dubious project to swindle billions of Kingdom’s money, Oyo doesn’t even disclose the contractor he got and the money they’re to pay as a kingdom. He doesn’t disclose which team he widely consulted with to reach to that.

Meanwhile, although the king declined to reveal details, inside sources claim figures were highly inflated to cover other personal interests of ‘some individuals’ in the Kingdom. “Government paid them UGX2b as part payments for the return of their properties. He has been in Kampala with his chicks burning it,now he wants those such expenses to be swallowed within the contract. For me I won’t be party to that,” one highly placed kingdom official told this reporter on condition of anonymity.

In addition, among the Kingdom’s subjects who could not swallow the smelling potatoes to rot their kingdom in a guise of making King Oyo happy, include the speaker himself, Saul N. Mugasa, who,infact, according to his own letter revealed that he has been seeking for an appointment with his King for months now to tell him openly about his zigzag administration crippling the institution,but that the King has still refused to meet him. The speaker says he has dozens of petitions from the subnets protesting a number of issues,some of which directly point to the King himself.

Saul also offered to lecture his King on the functionality of some of the kingdom’s key institutions, procedures and processes that were carefully put in place for greater good of the kingdom.

“Tooro Kingdom supreme council (Orukurato Orukuru) is a body that has a representation of Clans, Counties and special interest groups of your kingdom. It’s mandated to bring the voice of the subjects to the King and the Kingdom administration. Through the Rukurato Orukuru, the Kingdom subjects are able to have a say on the running of affairs in their Kingdom,” he lectured.

He added thus; “It’s this parliament that recieves proposals for all Kingdom project plans, budgets, appropriates, approves and awards contracts. And even after awarding, they go ahead to supervise the works. The Rukurato has a mandate to know the sources of funds, the amount and approve the contractor. All these were not followed,” speaker replied his king.

“I am not aware where this happened in the current project (s). We had Orukurato Orukuru sit on November 2020 which you opened but none of the above was mentioned by you or the Kingdom prime minister” he added.

Saul added that in the event that Orukurato Orukuru supports and endorses the project, it still remains with the oversight role.

The oversight role is meant to ensure transparency of implementation, delivery of quality works and to check on the appropriation of the Kingdom funds, Saul said.

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