‘Nebanda’s Killer Wants To Kill Me Too’- Nantaba Cries Out

‘Nebanda’s Killer Wants To Kill Me Too’- Nantaba Cries Out


By Spy Uganda

Idah Erios Nantaba, who is the Kayunga Woman Member of Parliament, has cried out to Parliament to come to her rescue, because person who murdered former Butaleja District Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda was to kill her too.

Nantaba shocked  Parliament on Tuesday when she declared on the floor of the August house that her life is in great danger and that the person who was behind the plot to kill Nebanda is the one baying for her blood.

Speaking after several legislators, Nantaba said she is seeking Parliament protection after facing death threats from unknown persons.


Nantaba revealed that she had been called by Nebanda’s mother to inform her of a plot to have her eliminated.

“I received a phone call from Cerinah Nebanda’s mother. She told me ‘honorable, you are going to be killed by the same person who killed my daughter.’ I was shocked, because I didn’t know where she had got my number,” Nantaba told parliament on Tuesday evening. (buckheadpaws.com)

“She told me I should go to her to get the details about the plot. I didn’t take it seriously but shared it with somebody,” the Legislator added.

Nantaba went on to explain that “I told her I would still come and get more information but didn’t go there. Little did I know that she meant.”

Nebanda died in 2012 under unclear circumstances while at her boyfriend, Adam Kalungi’s home in Makindye, but the postmortem report later pointed to use of narcotic drugs. 

However, efforts by her family members and private investigators to take samples from her internal organs to South Africa for further forensic investigation were blocked by government officials, who ordered for the arrest of Dr Sylvester Onzivua.

Dr Onzivua was pulled off a plane at Entebbe International Airport on his way to South Africa and the samples were confiscated from him.


Meanwhile, Parliament is yet to issue a statement in response to Nantaba’s cries for protection.

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