Snore In Hands Of Bloody Museveni,Brutalize Ugandans But You Will Answer! Bobi Cautions Ochola As He Spends Night Outside After Police Shutting Lodges

Snore In Hands Of Bloody Museveni,Brutalize Ugandans But You Will Answer! Bobi Cautions Ochola As He Spends Night Outside After Police Shutting Lodges

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: After canvassing for votes in Hoima district and returned for a night in Migera, Nakasongora district approximately 127 km/79 miles away from Kampala, National Unity Platform(NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine was denied access to hotels to have supper before the Kyankwanzi District Police Commander Patience Namara ordered police officers to cordon off lodges.

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Kyagulanyi (In White) & Close Friend Nubian Lee (Red) Relaxing In A Car

While appearing at NBS morning breeze live updates today, Bobi wine revealed that DPC ordered them to go and sleep somewhere else out of her commanding domain something that he says was hard since it was into curfew time quoting also that there was no reason to be given such orders since every Ugandan has the freedom to have equal rights in his country sleeping anywhere inclusive so long as it is in law.

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“We were travelling to Kyankwanzi via Hoima but the road was blocked by police which said it is under construction. We decided to instead spend the night in Migera but the police under DPC Patience Namara and the OC, Byaruhanga have ordered all hotels not to host us. We’re now stuck and spending the night on the roadside. The DPC is telling us she will only allow us to stay in her district until 6:00 a.m in the morning. You can imagine being treated like this in our own country,” said.

The party spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi confirmed the development, “I’ve just spoken to our Presidential Candidate Hon Kyagulanyi, he’s spending the night in his car on the street in Migera because police instructed hotels around not to host him and the team. Efforts to proceed and get a hotel elsewhere have been hampered by Kyankwanzi DPC Patience Namara. This persecution won’t deter us!.” 

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Kyagulanyi’s Driver & Fellow Also Chilling 

Meanwhile, NUP accuses the electoral commission of being irresponsible and incompetent to drive electoral activities since their electoral rights have been violated with no action taken against perpetrators.

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Talking to NTV yesterday Kyagulanyi revealed that while talking with Electoral Commission chairman Justice Byabakama, he sounded unaware of what is happening against opposition candidates that he didn’t even know some candidates have been arrested.

“We have written to protest notes to EC. I have also spoken to Justice Byabakama on phone, he admitted that he didn’t know anything, that he didn’t even know that I was arrested or that I am being blocked. He continues to trade ignorance,” Robert Kyagulanyi. an accessible web community

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