Song Bird Winnie Nwagi Feeds King Oyo’s Subjects On Free Optical Nutrition

Song Bird Winnie Nwagi Feeds King Oyo’s Subjects On Free Optical Nutrition an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Following criticism from various jealousy Ugandans over her celebrity title of ‘Fire Baby’, Swangaz Avenue Star Winnie Nwagi on Thursday travelled all the way from Kampala to the tourism city of Fort portal for King Oyo’s subjects to have a taste of her zig zag sized bums and floppy boobs before a washing them all over the internet as one of the tasks she had on her to-do-list.

The ‘Jangu’ hit maker is currently in Fort portal enjoying a long week holiday but has made it a point to constantly keep fans in the know of what she’s been up to. After sharing a video of herself in a sexy swim suit seductively showing off her harvestable boobs, Winnie went on and dropped a bombshell of pictures showing her potholed booty leaving social media murmuring.

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After making sure that every netizen can now watch her fatty bums uninterruptedly, she went ahead to caption them with all sorts of words that could make Netizens prove that true she is right to proclaim her self as fire baby although they could not fail to comment that she is among the Ugandan artists that feel itched whenever they cover abnormal ‘elephantic’ bodies with clothes.

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Not for the first time nor the last, Winnie Nwagi bared most as she displayed her body via a couple of her popular social media pages which she is seemingly proud of with no mercy for the teens/juveniles who might be watching her pics as horror films.

This time in a bid to catch men’s attention, she tried to arch her bottoms to push her ass as close as possible to the viewers and also made sure that she was in her true mood which according to her fans via a comment section, she was yearning for big cassava.

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“By making those snake posses while taking those pics she was already drunk and it is on record when she is drunk, her appetite is always alarming just like it was seen while trying to entice Navio previously” a close friend dubbed her famous fan revealed. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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