Teso Music Promoter Reveals The Pain She Goes Through As a Female Promoter

Teso Music Promoter Reveals The Pain She Goes Through As a Female Promoter

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By Samuel Opio

Teso celebrated music promoter/manager Josephine Aluka alias Jozelha De Arrowgal has revealed that being a female promoter is something ‘heavy’ that only takes a strong person to overcome.

In an interview with Spy Uganda reporter, she revealed that most of the artistes she has worked with have in one way or another asked to sleep with her or date her, something she said has never happened given the fact that she is a strong woman.

Josephine Aluka, the only female music promoter in Teso

‘Facebook inlaws’ have been spreading romours of Jozelha sleeping with almost every male artiste in the industry however, she said that she has been misunderstood by the public.

Full Interview

Who is Jozelha Akaliat and how did you come to get the name ‘Akaliat’?

My real name is Aluka Josephine. Jozelha is a short name from my name Josephine and Akaliait is a name I was given by Yonachan because of my love for Teso. He said I fit to be the Queen of Teso and that sounded so right to me so I claimed it Lol. I am 24yrs old. Born and raised in Ngora District. I studied at Tilling Pri Sch Kobwin Ngora and sat for my PLE in Hillstone Nur/PRI Sch Mbuya. I studied my O-Level at St Peters Naalya and completed it in Midland High Sch Kawempe. For A-level I was at St Janan Luwum Sec Sch Kabalagala and completed at Ebenezer Sec Sch Bugolobi. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Social Sciences from Kyambogo University.

When did you join the music industry?

I really didn’t join the Music Industry. The industry literally joined me! It was back in 2013 when I started posting about Teso music on my Facebook and I got attention from the public since I was providing music to people within Kampala since there was no Website for Teso Music. I found myself promoting the music in that manner and many artistes became interested in working with me and along that, I became a blogger and now a music manager. So I don’t think I joined the industry, it just found me and I don’t remember when exactly.

Who was the first artiste under your management?

Mokas Notafash: He is an upcoming artist from Soroti and is currently still based in Soroti however I am no longer managing him but just promoting his music.

How many artistes are you managing currently?

I’m only managing Gloria Karah

How do you feel the Teso music scene has changed in the past few years, since you started promoting in 2013?

Teso Music is rapidly growing. I believe we are headed for even much better. Production and Video Quality has improved and we have so many new talents too. Artist Management is still our weakness but I believe we are headed for the best.

What would you say is really exciting about the music scene here in Teso right now?

The new talents! They make me so proud and excited. They have a lot to show us.

In terms of Teso based talents, who are your top picks?

Jessy Junta, Sparo Ug, Tyra Nana, Saint Cross, Oohass and Gloria Karah.

What would you say have been your biggest challenges since you started being a promoter?

Being female, it’s hard to be around boys and as you all know 90% of Teso artists ate Men. Almost everyone wants to date you and also the public assumes you are dating every artist u work with. I had to build strength within me to overcome the bullying. That’s when the Arrowgal comes in lol

Whats the most irritating thing about Teso artistes?

Elugambo! Most of them are gossipers and non-business oriented.

Away from Music, what’s your relationship status?

Apparently single but not searching. Taking a break until further notice after my recent breakup

Who is your celebrity crush in Teso?

Haha they will kill me. Actually I don’t have

Earlier, you told me that you are single and not searching after your recent breakup, can you please tell your followers why you guys broke up and what you have set up after breaking up. What’s the name of your ‘ex’?

Haha now this is deep. Oooukey!  It’s not a secret that I have been dating Tune Steel. We met in 2018 I guess and we fell in love. But as any other relationships, we had our ups and downs until the relationship just lost life and it was no more. We both agreed to part ways and that was it. He is a good guy and I wish him well and am sure so does he.

There have been unending rumors of you dating only Teso artistes (literally you’ve dated 80% of them), tell us more about this and who else you dated apart from Tune?

Wooow! Oh God that hurts me a little! I really want to make this clear today that I have so many friends in the music industry and usually I am misunderstood by the public. If I was weak I think I would have given up on helping in Teso Music to protect my dignity. Honestly speaking I have never dated any other Teso Artist apart from Tune Steel and mind you I hated it that he was an artist but the fact that he doesn’t perform and doesn’t get so much involved in the industry comforted me. I also didn’t date him just because he is a Teso artist come on! To me he is more of a Producer than an artist and my reasons for dating him are totally far from Music. I don’t date Talent; I date a person otherwise am surrounded by so many talented people. Apart from Tune I have NEVER dated any other person in Teso Music or Ent Industry unless they are dating me in their dreams. People need to stop spreading rumors and assuming things. In other words, I don’t even prefer dating artists much less Teso artists!

Who is Jozhela going to be in the next 5 years?

I love Business and in 5 years I will be a successful Business Woman by God’s Grace. I will also be a known Events Manager in Eastern Region and that’s for sure.


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