”16yr Mother Old Kills 1month Baby To Start Fresh Marriage With New Boyfriend”-Enanga

”16yr Mother Old Kills 1month Baby To Start Fresh Marriage With New Boyfriend”-Enanga

By Spy Uganda

Police says continues to register incidents of child murders, majorly out of domestic violence, aggressive punishments by parents/guardians out of rage, as well as protecting a new marriage or relationship.

For instance, on the 01.07.2023 at around 5:50pm, a one Nangira Sophia, a 16year old, child mother of Nainaka village, Buwari trading centre in Bugiri District, disappeared from their home with her one-month-old baby boy, to start a new marriage with her lover, Matanta John. Together with her man friend, they strangled her one-month-old son, and dumped the body in the pit latrine at St Jude Primary School, Buwari.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says the 16-year-old mother was arrested, while efforts are in place to have Matanta John, who is on the run arrested. ”We have also opened two separate case files of defilement, against the two men who defiled the victim,” says Enanga.

In a separate development, the Police in Mitooma District, has in custody, a one Nuwasiima Jackline, of Rwentozo village, Kati Parish, Kanyabwanga sub-county, for the murder of her two-month-old baby boy, with Absolom Ampumuza.


The suspect allegedly killed her two-month-old son and dumped the body in Kalororo stream. It was recovered, while in a decomposing state. Enanga says the suspect after giving birth demanded for an introduction, which her husband promised after mobilising resources. When he returned to his workplace in Kasheshero, the suspect killed their son and threw the body in the stream. She was arrested and charged with murder.

Again, on the 3.07.2023, a one Robert Kulaba, of Kiryamenvu, Kalwanga parish, Kabulasoke sub-county in Gomba District, aggressively assaulted his 13-year-old son, Magezi Gideon, using sticks, for failing to sort the newly harvested beans from the garden.

The victim collapsed, and together with his wife Nanyanzi Juliet, they transported from Kabulasoke sub-county to Kifampa sub-county and abandoned him at Faisal Medical Clinic and disappeared. The victim was pronounced dead from the hospital.

”Efforts are in place to have the two parents arrested for murder. Broken pieces of sticks were recovered from their house,” Says Enanga.

In addition, the territorial Police in Kikuube District, is investigating a suspected ritualistic sacrifice of a 2 and half year old, male juvenile, identified as Twinamasiko Anthony. The victim went missing from their home in Rwenkoba village, Kasota parish, in Kikuube District on the 3.07.2023.

”It was after 6 days on the 9.07.2023, that the body of the victim was recovered in River Holiwa, without the body parts of a tongue, genitals, ears, parts of the hand. Efforts are in place to identify the culprits behind the gruesome murder and bring them to book,” says Police.

”These incidents are a stark reminder of the dangers children face, in violent domestic setting or where their parents are in a toxic relationship,” says Police adding, ”We urge all parents in such conflict situations to always seek help from the Child and Family Protection Unit, at the nearest Police station, or the nearest LC, Probation office or NGO’s advocating for Children’s rights. In all the incidents above, the lives of the young children, could have been saved.”

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