For A Marvelous Wedding, Dolphin Suites Is Your Answer, Here Is Why

For A Marvelous Wedding, Dolphin Suites Is Your Answer, Here Is Why

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Under Speke Group Of Hotels, Dolphin suites doubtlessly is the only venue in Uganda that will host your wedding in the most precious way at relatively favorable rates.

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At Dolphin Suites, they will work with you to coordinate your entire event, whether you are reserving a conference room or planning a wedding. They take the guesswork out of event planning — so you are able to enjoy every moment of your special event. Just take a break from your to-do list and let hotel’s management help with the details.

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The hotel that also offers outside catering, has stunning venues perfect for weddings of up to 100+ guests. Not only that the hotel also has fabulous conference rooms, meetings and workshops rooms.
Also, whether you’re looking for a small boardroom space, somewhere to launch your next big product, or a place to inspire your colleagues with a groundbreaking conference, Dolphin suites remains your answer not forgetting that it also helps clients in organizing corporate parties and events.
Other events fit at Dolphin Suites include;
  • Wedding reception
  • Retirements parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation
  • Cocktail & Dinner
  • Product or Media Launches
  • Kwanjula (Introduction ceremonies) an accessible web community

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