15yr Old Mother Kills Her 6 Weeks Old Child After Husband Rejecting Her

15yr Old Mother Kills Her 6 Weeks Old Child After Husband Rejecting Her

By Spy Uganda

The Territorial Police in Nansana, has in custody a 15-year-old, teen mother, identified as Nalumansi Shanita, of Nansana East A 1 zone, Nansana Municipality, for the alleged murder of her 6 weeks old son, Bogere Ezra on the 11.11.2022.

The facts gathered by police indicate that the victim turned suspect, dropped out in P.7 after she was defiled and impregnated.

”After giving birth, her son Bogere Ezra, was rejected by the alleged father, who claimed he wanted DNA proof. The teen mother who was practicing hairdressing from a local salon, faked the disappearance of her son claiming she had left her on the veranda at around 1.30pm,” says Police.


Police adds that the local members of the community conducted a search in vain and reported the matter to police. It was at around 7:30pm that a group of concerned residents, reported seeing the victim’s clothes in a latrine. The scene was secured and the body of the victim retrieved on the 12.11.2022.

Police says upon further interrogation, the teen mother admitted to have dumped her baby in the latrine, after he was rejected and she had failed to provide for him.


”We want to caution such teen mothers that child murder is a punishable offence. All teen mothers experiencing challenges are advised to seek help from a number of shelter and babies’ homes. The teen suspect will be tried under the Juvenile Criminal System,” says Police adding;

Police says is also tracing for the alleged defiler and father to the Child victim and a separate case file of Aggravated Defilement has been opened.

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