222 Accidents Of Boda Bodas Registered In One Week, Over 50 Dead-Traffic Police

222 Accidents Of Boda Bodas Registered In One Week, Over 50 Dead-Traffic Police

By Spy Uganda

From 16th – 23rd July 2023, a total number of 222 accidents of Boda Bodas were registered. Among these, 57 were fatal and 146 were serious. 19 passengers and 38 riders lost their lives, while 99 riders and 47 passengers were seriously injured.

Traffic Police Spokesperson Kananura Michael says the rising number of accidents involving Boda-Bodas is a serious challenge that demands immediate attention.

As a result, Police emphasize the following road safety tips for Boda-Bodas and passengers to help address this issue:

1. Helmets: Ensure all riders and passengers wear appropriate crash helmets for enhanced safety.
2. Reflective Jackets: Use reflective gears to increase visibility, especially during low-light conditions.
3. One Passenger Rule: Strictly adhere to carrying one passenger per ride to maintain stability and safety.
4. Riding Permits: All Boda-Boda operators must possess valid riding permits.
5. Sober Driving: Under no circumstances should riders operate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


”To combat the issue, the Directorate of Traffic & Road Safety has undertaken phase one of operations, targeting crash helmets and reflective jackets,” says Kananura adding,”We are pleased to note that a good number of riders have responded positively to this awareness campaign.”

He says they are now entering phase two of operations, focusing on riding permits. ”Any rider found without a valid permit will face legal consequences and will be taken to court. Sensitization efforts will continue, emphasizing the importance of helmets, reflective geagearnd valid permits for all Boda-Boda operators.”

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