23yr Old Woman Gang Raped By Cousins, 13 Others In Soroti

23yr Old Woman Gang Raped By Cousins, 13 Others In Soroti

By Spy Uganda

Two cousins allegedly gang-raped a 23-year-old lady before thirteen more gangs came in as substitutes.

The victim went out for a night drink with her two cousins in Soroti City, in eastern Uganda; regrettably, the lady was gang raped on her way home.

According to authorities, the victim, a peasant and inhabitant of Amen, “B” cell in the Western division of Soroti City in Eastern Uganda, was attacked at midnight by two cousins and 13 other males.


The thugs took her Shs200,000 mobile phone, shoes, vest, bra, and panties.

“The facts gathered indicate that on September 18, 2023 after work, the victim went and visited her man friend at camp Swahili, until 10pm.”


“On his way to home, she met her two cousins, Isaac and Nathan, who took her for a drink at a bar in Wire cell till around midnight when they left to return home,” police spokesperson Fred Enanga explained.

According to Enanga, they were joined by a gang of roughly 13 men on their way home at around midnight near Odeke Cell, Nakalunya Ward Western Division in Soroti City.

“Shortly afterwards, the two cousins, drew knives and threatened to stab the victim if she did not remove her cloths. She was gang raped by her two cousins and 13 others.”


He added that her cousins also robbed her phone, cash Shs 200,000, shoes, vest, bra and knickers.

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