89 Succumb To Road Accidents In One Week-Nampiima

By Spy Uganda

From 2nd to 9th July 2022, Uganda Police Traffic Directorate registered a total of 328 accidents and out of these 62 accidents were fatal, 180 were serious and 86 were minor.

The traffic spokesperson Faridah Nampiima says 355 victims were involved in the above accidents and out of these 89 people died and 266 sustained injuries.

She says in the month of June, a total of 1,825 accidents occurred and out of these 321 accidents were fatal, 995 were serious and 509 were minor.

Also, the June accidents had 1,512 victims and out of these 366 people died and 1,146 sustained injuries.


She Cautions;

1. We remind all drivers that its only competent drivers with valid driver’s licence that will be allowed on road. All drivers are reminded to drive on roads with a copy of a valid driving license to avoid inconveniences.

2. The testing of buses(DE) and trailer(CE) classes has already commenced at iov headquarters in Naguru.

3. All vehicle owners are reminded to check the EPS status of their vehicles, renew their psv licenses and Third party insurance before they are put on road to avoid inconveniences.

4. All drivers are reminded to drive within the prescribed speed limits so that they have full control of their vehicles in case of any eventuality.

5. we have realised that people don’t take serious the issue of transferring ownership of motor vehicles this therefore is a reminder to all motor vehicle owners to ensure the right records are reflected at all times.

Road Safety Tips.

1. It’s a must to wear a seat belt this applies to passengers too (front or back seats).

2. All drivers must not drink any alcohol during the period when they have to drive.

3. Check that your vehicle is suitable for the load it is to carry.

4. Don’t dump rubbish on the road.

5. Every motor cycle rider must wear a crush helmet and this applies to the passenger too.

6. Respect all road users. Traffic directorate reminds all road users to be vigilant while using the roads and we call upon all road users to change their attitude while using the road.

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