Abomination! Furious Burundi President Advocates For Stoning Of Gay Couples Amidst Global LGBTQ Rights Discussions

Abomination! Furious Burundi President Advocates For Stoning Of Gay Couples Amidst Global LGBTQ Rights Discussions

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Burundi’s President Evariste Ndayishimiye has intensified his opposition to same-sex marriage, branding it an ‘abominable practice’ and advocating for the stoning of gay couples on religious grounds.

Known for his staunch conservative Christian beliefs, the President has previously called for the ‘banishment’ of homosexuals, deeming them societal outcasts. Rejecting aid from Western nations supporting LGBTQ+ rights, he has urged those endorsing such views to remain abroad.

This unwavering position aligns with the prevailing conservative Christian values in Burundi where same-sex relations are subject to imprisonment.


The President’s statement comes amid global discussions on LGBTQ+ rights including Pope Francis’ recent acknowledgment on December 18th regarding the blessing of homosexual couples.

While symbolic, the Catholic Church maintains a clear distinction between homosexual and heterosexual marriages, with its doctrine underscoring the acceptance of marriage for all but not its complete endorsement within the Catholic faith.


Despite the Vatican’s guidance, implementing such changes globally proves intricate. The ability to enforce a shift in mindset and impose measures across all Catholic communities faces challenges.

African churches, in particular, have displayed resistance to these developments. The bishops of Cameroon explicitly rejected any changes prohibiting blessings for homosexual couples. Similarly, Togo, while expressing openness to same-sex relationships encourages priests to abstain from blessing such couples.

This dynamic illustrates the ongoing struggle within the Catholic Church to reconcile diverse perspectives on LGBTQ+ issues. It underscores the tension between global doctrinal shifts and the autonomy of individual religious communities, particularly in conservative regions like Africa.”

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