Adapt Or Perish: Victoria University To Host Famous Entrepreneur, Global Business Speaker Vuci

Adapt Or Perish: Victoria University To Host Famous Entrepreneur, Global Business Speaker Vuci

By Spy Uganda

Victoria University has announced that it will be hosting the international business entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, best-selling author, renowned entrepreneur, and global business speaker Mr. Vusi Thembekwayo.

For some of you who don’t know this man, he was named one of the top 12 speakers in the world by MeetinpsNet for his inspirational and transformational impact on businesses. He is the go-to guy for many CEOs and Executives navigating of disruption and change.

The University says this famous speaker will be hosted on 14th September 2023 at Kololo Airstrip under the theme; Adapt Or Perish: Innovate For Survival.

The University management says to attend this event, you are required to pay Ugx200,000 for ordinary, Ugx3m for Gold, Ugx5m for VIP.

More About Vusi & Why You Shouldn’t Miss

Vusi has worked in 37 countries across six continents, helping leaders make necessary but painful shifts in their businesses. He is a regular contributor to CNBC and Forbes and has appeared on BBC, CNN, and Bloomberg.

Supported by a research team, Vusi combines global experiences with locally relevant content, highlighting opportunities, and guiding business leaders towards exponential growth. It is this value that has organizations calling Vusi back again and again.

He is equally comfortable on the factory floor, as he is with CEOs, tailoring each address to perfectly align with his audiences.

What Makes Vusi Unique

Vusi understands the strategy ie nature of his work. He catalyzes business growth, stimulates necessary sea-changes, and inspires motivation essential for leaders to take bold action.

Audiences are empowered by Vusi because he has walked the path — from sitting on several large company boards to founding successful businesses. From leading teams to being accountable to shareholders, Vusi has done the mileage and wears the scars of business war to prove it.

He shares his failures and successes with candor and humility, instantly building trust with his global audiences and respect with his peers.

Vusi Has Potential

Vusi has been a professional business speaker for the past 16 years and has worked across 6 of the 7 continents.

With his mission to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the businesses he consults with, his content is serious. However, he keeps audience enthused and enthralled through a combination of hard-hitting facts, humor, and charisma.

Below Are His Stripes On His Broad Shoulders

  1. Awarded 2020 GQ’s Business Leader of the Year
  2. Shared a platform with Malcolm Gladwell & Seth God in Global speaking tours across the USA, Canada, France, UK, I reland, Luxembourg, and Sweden.
  3. Established an orrigination office in New York for his pan-African venture fund, MyGrowth Fund Venture Partners.
  4. Built the most extensive, free educational platform for entrepreneurs, which reached over 519,000 verified unique entrepreneurs across 23 countries on 5 continents using social media & online learning platforms.
  5. Vusi’s books, The Map na Cart of Exponentiality and Lessons from a Black Dragon, sold 80,000 and 105,000 copies globally, makinp Vusi one of the most respected authors today.
  6. Reconised by the United Nations as one of the 100 Most Influential Africans in 2018.
  7. Vusi managed an R4l7rnIn (approx. $3SrnIn) business unit of an Rl7bn muIti-national organization when he was onIy 27years old.
  8. He was amongst the youngest director of a listed company in South Africa.
  9. Vusi is shamelessly family centered & readily volunteers his three children as his singIe greatest blessing. an accessible web community

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