African Solutions For African Problems: Pan African Pyramid Holds Insightful Discussions On Somalia’s Potential Integration Into East African Community

African Solutions For African Problems: Pan African Pyramid Holds Insightful Discussions On Somalia’s Potential Integration Into East African Community

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Kampala: In an effort to find African solutions for African challenges, the Pan African Pyramid (PAP) debates chaired by its Speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe on Friday March 8, 2024, held discussions concerning the potential integration of Somalia into the East African Community amid its ongoing tensions with Somaliland.

The Friday debate featured passionate Pan-Africanists from Kampala International University, Kyambogo University, Victoria University among others under the topic” Implications of Somalia Joining East African Community At The Height Of Split With Somali -land with key panelists including; Thomas Lesaffre, a freelance journalist and researcher from France, Prince Kasagama Araali from Tooro Kingdom, Meddy Ssegawa, the director of SsegaSprirations Ltd, Abdihafid Mustafa Elmira, a prominent Somali activist among others.

Somalia was admitted into the East African Community (EAC) on Friday last week as the eighth member of the bloc as it seeks to expand free trade across the region.

However, the entry of the fragile Horn of Africa nation is likely to cause more security challenges for the bloc as the country is struggling to stem a deadly rebellion by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group and the most recent pressing issue is that part of its territory(Somali land) is fighting to breakaway and getting international recognition as an independent state.

After making significant progress, Somalia’s offensive against the armed group has stalled for months and raised concerns about the government’s capacity to crush the 16-year rebellion.

Additionally, Somalia has also been embroiled in disputes with its neighbors – Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya sometimes leading to a breakdown in diplomatic relations.

There fore, the above challenges among others, compelled Pan-Africanists and activists to come together and share their perspectives on the future of Somalia within the regional bloc.

Thomas Lesaffre, known for his fervent advocacy for Pan-African solidarity, delivered a compelling address highlighting the significance of Somalia’s potential integration into the East African Community amidst its rift with Somaliland. He emphasized the importance of cooperation among African nations and cautioned against the divisive consequences of external interference.
IMG 20240308 182121 118
Thomas Lesaffre, a freelance journalist and researcher from France Speaking During the Debate At Fairway Hotel In Kampala

Similarly, Prince Kasagama Araali, with his regal demeanor and insightful analysis, delved into the complexities of Somalia’s federal structure and the enduring impact of colonial legacies. Araali’s speech resonated with attendees as he called for the recognition of Somali sovereignty and the celebration of its rich cultural heritage.

IMG 20240308 191042 683
.Prince Kasagama Araali from Tooro Kingdom

Meddy Ssegawa’s impassioned plea for Pan-African unity struck a chord with the audience, urging African nations to prioritize collective action and sacrifice for the greater good of the continent. He outlined a comprehensive strategy for African unity and challenged leaders and citizens alike to transcend divisions in pursuit of a shared vision for the continent’s future.

IMG 20240308 183314 998
Meddy Ssegawa Speaking During the debate

Abdihafid Mustafa Elmira, a prominent Somali activist, added his voice to the discourse, highlighting the challenges facing Somalia and the imperative of finding African solutions to African problems. Elmira’s stirring address underscored the importance of solidarity and collaboration in addressing Somalia’s internal divisions and resisting external interference.

IMG 20240308 184608 150
Abdihafid Mustafa Elmira, a prominent Somali activist

In his final remarks, Katusabe spoke boldly to the audience a powerful reminder of the importance of intellectual discourse and advocacy in shaping the future of the African continent.

“In unity, there is strength,” declared Katusabe, his voice resounding with conviction. He urged all those present to carry forward the spirit of solidarity and collaboration that had animated the evening’s discussions, and to work tirelessly towards a brighter future for Africa and its people.

With Free Entrance, PAP Debates happen every Friday at Fairway Hotel Kampala from 5 pm-8 pm and a recorded version of the show is broadcast on NBS Television every Saturday from 4 pm-pm and repeats every Monday from 2 pm -3 pm.

Watch Some Of Our debates Here And Kindly Subscribe To The Pan-African Pyramid YouTube Channel For More Updates.

More About The Pan-African Pyramid

Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 2015 with a vision to articulate concerted efforts geared towards promoting the true African Awakening among the BLACK people throughout Africa and in the Diaspora and galvanize inventions and innovations of  African people based on its principles as an intellectual, non-partisan discussion forum, built on the Pillars of PAN AFRICANISMPATRIOTISM and NATIONALISM.

The pan-African pyramid is propagating a new Pan-Africanism concept. The new Pan-Africanism need
not be based on race, skin and colour, but IDIOLOGY and MOVEMENT. It advocates for the unification of
Africa by economic development and Trans-African trade, and not by political actors only, but by corporate business entities.

Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of African ancestry. At its core, Pan-Africanism is a belief that “African people, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny. The PAP Ideology/pre-occupation is to  REVIVE intellectual discourse among youth with a bias on re-constructing our lost Pan-Africanism, patriotism and Nationalism Values and spirit.

The organization was founded in 2015 under the leadership of Chairman and speaker Irumba with its social impact and humanitarian programs including;

1. Organizing PAP debates every Friday

2. Pan African Pyramid Global Awards every August

3. Collecting and delivery of relief aid to refugees every December

4. Agriculture and livestock farming

5. Pan-African Marathon

6. Establishment of Pan African Pyramid School clubs and debates

7. Small Savings and Investments

8. Tree Planting and Natural Resource Maintenance (Environment Conservation),

As one of their key objectives under the theme Christmas With Refugees that happens every December, PAP has continued to provide support to fellow Africans especially refugees in camps.  The organization has actively engaged with various refugee camps, including Bidibidi, Nakivale, and Rwamwanja, and Kyaka 11exemplifying solidarity and brotherhood in action. an accessible web community

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