ANT Calls For Coalition Of Opposition Parties Ahead Of   2021  Elections

ANT Calls For Coalition Of Opposition Parties Ahead Of 2021 Elections

By Frank Kamuntu 

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has Tuesday held a press conference led by the Party Spokesperson Wilberforce Seryazi, during which he addressed the media about the Party’s road map to 2021 General elections and called upon opposition politicians to work out a coalition.

Seryazi held the presser together with other Party leaders among them Suleiman Kakaire the deputy Pro, Edith Sempala the coordinator Women Affairs, Barbara Allimadi the Coordinator for Diaspora, Nyanja Musoke the Deputy National Coordinator in charge of Mobilization,  Kasimu Kyaze the coordinator Kampala Metropolitan and others.

Seryazi informed the media that ANT has already finished creating awareness in all the regions and subregions and in February they are to tour all districts with an aim of increasing their publicity, plus mobilizing funds and support for their party members since the party has already confirmed its participation in the 2021 elections.

 Seryazi revealed that in June they will hold a delegates conference which will enable them choose who to front as party president plus  those who will participate as legislators since the Party will have candidates at all levels from President to LC chairman. 

However he urged sisters opposition parties to consider forming a coalition, saying it’s the only way they can build trust among themselves and join their grievance to oust President Yoweri Museveni’s government.

He said that “What has been spreading in the media that ANT will not participate in elections but only support other political parties is false. 

ANT only suggested having a coalition, which could be the best measure to have successful opposition through the coming elections. If this fails we are ready to keep moving on basing on our values as a Party.”

While commenting about the recent National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebration of 34 years in power, Seryazi discredited the Party, saying that it would make sense for NRM to remember what their values were as they came into power and stop disrespecting and suppressing opposition, torturing Ugandans, injustice plus other acts of lawlessness which he said haves damaged the reputation of the nation.

He urged Ugandans to support ANT since it has come to re-assemble and develop this nation, adding that as a strong political party, they have great vision and values that will lead to the growth of Uganda and compete in the world if given a chance.

On her part, Allimadi expressed her interest in building Chapters in Diaspora as a way of increasing publicity and support in the International community, saying they have a huge number of supporters who are yearning to fund, support and vote for ANT  although they still face challenges that this government has not designed means to allow people who are in Diaspora to vote for those they support. 

She added that so far they are planning to have a Diaspora tour which will connect them to Ugandans abroad, share their party’s visions and also mobilize more funds for the party since a number of their supporters have showed interest

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