Balaam Commissions First Ever MK Movement Diaspora Chapter In London

Balaam Commissions First Ever MK Movement Diaspora Chapter In London

By Spy Uganda 

The MK Movement National Vice Chairman Western Uganda, Balaam Barugahara on Saturday presided over the launch of the first ever MK Movement Diaspora Chapter and leadership structure in London, United Kingdom.

The event which brought together dozens of hundreds of Gen Kainerugaba supporters from different parts of the United Kingdom, took place at Royal Regency London.

The MK Movement is a group of Ugandans both within and out of the country laying the groundwork for Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to become the next President of Uganda. It supretends several groups which include among others MK Army, Team Chairman, Avengers, Revolutionary Guards and Original Army.

Speaking during the commissioning, Mr Balaam Barugahara, who was accompanied by Hon Michael Mawanda, a member of CEC MK Movement and the National Chairperson of the MK Army, applauded the organizers for positively contributing to building of a better Uganda.

“I want to thank the team which has organized this historic event. The start is always hard but you have started in a bigger way. This is firm brick you have put to building our country. Our boss, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the next President of Uganda, greets you and recognizes all these efforts,” Barugahara said on Saturday.

“He (Gen Kainerugaba) is ready, determined and prepared to take over from where our grandfather will stop. He is the future of the young generation, understands its needs and is up to task to lead it for the better,” he added.

Mr Barugahara further asked the organizers to later organize transparent elections and choose leaders of the Chapter, proposing that at least each county of the UK should be represented on the Committee for easy mobilization.

He also called upon them to always observe transparency in their activities so as to move together as a group in pursuit of their objectives.

“In politics you must be tolerant and allow criticism. You also need to sit down with others, make budgets in a transparent manner and let everyone know what you are spending on. Let everyone know what you are doing, no one will fight you.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Gen Kainerugaba expressed pleasure with Mr Barugahara for commissioning the launch. He also said, “We are strong everywhere.”

On his part, Hon Mawanda, called for support of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba by every one despite being members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

“I hear some of you are on the fence wondering whether to support MK Movement or NRM. You don’t have to be on the fence. I am a good example, I am a Member of Parliament representing Igara East on the NRM ticket, I am a strong supporter of NRM and I am a strong support of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba,” Hon Mawanda said.

Susan Debbie Nantongo, the Women’s Coordinator of the MK Movement UK Chapter, rallied the young people to embrace Gen Kainerugaba a gift to Uganda and one who will transform the country and better their lives.

“The choice is today and the choice is us. The future is in this man, let us give him a chance. He stands for the good of all of us,” Nantongo said during the launch.

Last month, Gen Kainerugaba, now a Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, announced plans to run for the presidency in the 2026 elections, saying it was “time for our generation to shine”. He also said he will retire from the army this year. an accessible web community

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