Big Story! Amin Peacefully Hands Over Power To PAP Speaker Irumba!

Big Story! Amin Peacefully Hands Over Power To PAP Speaker Irumba!

By Spy Uganda

According to the Bible, after God mandated Moses to take his people to the promised land, at a critical time when he was faced with trouble and almost everything seemed to have jammed and was about to be conquered by his enemies, he was given a rod (stick) which later became his brother Aaron’s rod. (Exodus 4:16, and 7:1-21), which he used to find safe passage for his people through the Red Sea.

With Moses in the lead with his rod, the Israelites crossed from Egypt directly to the Sinai Peninsula into the desert wilderness, where they received the Ten Commandments and other laws at Mt. Sinai. (Psalm 136:11–16).

Moses managed to reach this promised land because he had been given a magical rod, which he used at the most critical moment to separate waters and create a safe passage for his sheep. So in that rod lay the power of God, Wisdom and Authority.

This is exactly what Ssalongo Jaffer Amin, son to former president of Uganda Field Martial Idi Amin Dada [Conqueror] of the British Empire, feared for his Pan-African convictions did last week when he handed over the ‘instruments’ of power to founding speaker and Chairman of Pan-African Pyramid Andrew Irumba Katusabe Ateenyi to lead Pan Africanists in Uganda to the ‘promised’ land, in collaboration with the rest of the movements globally.

“This is not just a rod as you see it, this is a peaceful handover of Pan-African power and responsibility to you to take on the mantle of our ancestors, who fought so much for the good of all of us. Aaron’s Rod of Wisdom Within an individual; wisdom should guide power rather than the other way around. On a collective level, the same rule applies: power should be, in a certain sense, subordinated to wisdom. In any form of true democracy, the wise and the powerful people are kept separated…..Sometimes our forefathers’ fights were misunderstood or misconstrued intentionally to paint a different picture, but time is a good judge,” said Amin as he handed over power.

This historic event last week at Fairway Hotel was witnessed by visiting senior Pan-African elder Bishop Joshua Marara Maponga 111, an internationally renowned Zimbabwean Pan Africanist, motivational speaker, author, writer and artist. In his remarks, Maponga praised former president Idi Amin for his Pan-African ideals.

“I can tell you, Amin was a good Pan-African, but the Western media machinery had to destroy him, just like they did to brother Col Muamar Gadaffi before they pounced on him and killed him. They killed him because they wanted the resources of Libya, just like they wanted the resources of Uganda,” he said.

In his acceptance speech to the task, Comrade Irumba pledged allegiance and total commitment to the Pan-African cause and vowed to use the opportunity to revitalize the struggle.

“Our forefathers used very odd communication means to sell the idea, today we have the best communication infrastructure that I can speak to the whole world in one minute via technology like WhatsApp, Facebook etc., we will use all the available means to free Africa. Africa is not yet free if America is still ordering Africa to accept LGBTQ, or they withdraw their aide. We want to be able to even refuse aid on our own when they propose it. But we can only achieve this if we build capacity and stop America and Europe from stealing minerals from DRC, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Niger, Nigeria etc. If we stop their long hands in our resources, we don’t want their aid. We can achieve that if we remove borders and have one currency for the United States of Africa,” vowed Irumba.

Jaffer Amin revealed that his family still believes it will take decades for some Ugandans to appreciate Idi Amin’s selfless contributions to the country since history has been ‘re-written’.

Meanwhile, this ceremony was also attended by Mr Jaffer Azhar, Managing Director of Fairway Hotel, who later hosted them to a sumptuous dinner. Azhar’s grandfather Sherali Bandali was among the Asians expelled by Idi Amin in 1972 but later returned after Amin’s reign. The two shared pleasantries after reminiscing about their history.

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