Bloody!Makerere University Doctors Join Medical Interns’ Strike!

Bloody!Makerere University Doctors Join Medical Interns’ Strike!

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Matters concerning the doctors and interns strike have escalated following a declaration by the Senior House Officers who are specialising doctors from Makerere University that from 15th December 2021 they are joining the strike until Government wakes up and works upon their issues.

The above has been announced in a statement dated 13 December 2021 in which the Senior House Officer representative to the Uganda Medical Association (UMA), said that they have agreed thus;

“The issues that have been repeatedly raised by Uganda Medical Association including inadequate medical supplies and equipment, underprivileged working conditions as well as poor remuneration are bonafide and affect us as well.”

“This is, therefore, to bring to your attention that Senior House Officers will be joining the strike effective December 15 and will continue to abide by directives from UMA.”

Meanwhile, these doctors say will continue to handle emergencies at Mulago, Kawempe, and Kiruddu hospitals under UMA’s guidance.

Senior House Officers’ Statement

Meanwhile, remember that this comes just days after fresh medical interns on Sunday announced a nationwide boycott of all government hospitals till issues affecting their colleagues are sorted.

This was after the government last week gave [in reality suspended] striking medical interns one week to vacate government hospital premises in the guise of paving the way for new medical interns and to hand over hospital property in their possession.

Dr. Hebert Luswata, the general secretary of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA), said the document sent to the medical interns demanding that they vacate government hospitals is a mere threat and the interns’ industrial action is legal.

“Strikes are legally allowed in Uganda. What the government should do is negotiate with the striking doctors. The government is at a loss,” he said.

He said they are also going to court so they can get an injunction against the government’s decision.

The medical interns went on strike on Nov. 21 demanding better salaries, compensation for the families of doctors who succumbed to COVID-19 while on duty, more personal protective equipment and other related supplies and the stocking of hospitals with all necessary drugs- issues at the same time affecting doctors who are on strike as well. an accessible web community

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