Bulenga: Self Styled Pastor, & Two Others Arrested For Human Trafficking & Unlawful Confinement Of 18 Students

Bulenga: Self Styled Pastor, & Two Others Arrested For Human Trafficking & Unlawful Confinement Of 18 Students

By Spy Uganda

The CID Anti-Human Trafficking Department, in coordination with the Territorial Police in Bulenga and Mukono have in custody, a pastor identified as Kisoma Jackline, aged 34, together with her husband, Kisoma Daniel, aged 42 and their neighbour Giita Edward aged 48, on allegations of recruiting, receiving and harbouring 18 victims in their rented house, at Nakuwadde village, which also served as a worship center.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says the church was not registered and operated as a religious cult.

”We have further established that the self-styled pastor, manipulated her followers and into leaving school, claiming education was useless. 4 students from St. Francis Nursing School in Namataba – Mukono, were forced to leave school. The suspects had also withdrawn their eight children from school,” says Enanga adding that the victims were confined in the home and completely separated from the community, as they were prohibited from moving out, or even going to hospital in case they fell sick.


”They instead spent the whole day and night, praising, worship and having Bible lessons,” says Enanga.

He says investigations commenced when the mother of Adulu Martha aged 21 went to pay her a visit at St. Francis Nursing School, and found when she had left school, two months back. She was tracked down to Nakuwadde village in Bulenga, Nakabugo Parish in Wakiso district.


”Three other colleagues, of hers who included; Nakiganda Kwagala Amina, aged 23, Nampera Angel, a 19-year-old nursing student of Wantoni Mukono and Nagita Favor, aged 18, all students of the Nursing School were recovered,” says Enanga.

”In addition, Giita Justine Nakintu, the wife to Giita Edward, who works as a tailor in Nakuwadde, and their children, Giita Jeremiah aged 10, Giita Jessy, aged 11 and Giita Desire aged 5, were rescued. Also recovered, are 5 children of Pastor, Kisoma who included; Kisoma Jaira Betthel, aged 7, Kisoma Daniel, aged 5, Kisoma Gabriella Loy aged 9, Kisoma Happy Precious aged 12, and Kisoma Blessed Jethro, aged 3. Two female adults were also rescued from the premises, these include; Akugizibwe Josephine a 27-year-old, female adult from Kibale district and Kuteesa Joans, a 40-year-old, female adult from Kakumiro.”

Enanga says this is the plight that many victims in religious cults face since they see the leaders as a god-like figure, whom they fear to go against.


”All the 15 other victims are in a shelter home undergoing counselling and rehabilitation. The file was submitted to the DPP for legal guidance on the charges of human trafficking and unlawful confinement. The female victims are meanwhile undergoing medical examinations, to help prove or disprove any acts of sexual violence,” Enanga stated.

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