Cabinet Approves New Set Of Rules Against Unvaccinated

Cabinet Approves New Set Of Rules Against Unvaccinated

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Chris Baryomunsi has announced that Cabinet on Monday approved the recommendation to extend the vaccination mandate to different categories of workers with new rules in a move of curbing COVID-19 virus transmission.

“A vaccine mandate just means that if you are not vaccinated, businesses, schools and others can legally stop you from entering the building or using services if they choose to,” Baryomunsi said.

The Minister adds that the new rules are a requirement whereby, “You must be vaccinated to do certain things like working, travelling, or even attending gatherings like wedding, concerts etc.”

Earlier, a couple of government agencies, departments and ministries had announced mandates that saw some restricting services to unvaccinated Ugandans something that faced a huge resistance.

Now, Baryomunsi says, “This means that we (government) shall not compel Ugandans to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is voluntary but workplaces, business premises, organisers of events have rights legally to stop you from accessing those areas if you have not been vaccinated.”

The above comes at a time when the number of daily infections is sharply shooting higher.

Yesterday, the Ministry announced 500 new cases and in the last four hours, the Ministry has announced that results of COVID-19 tests done on 21 December 2021 have confirmed 710 new cases. The cumulative confirmed cases are now 130,888.

The breakdown of the new cases is: 700 Alerts And Contacts; Kampala (450), Wakiso (174), Mbarara (13), Luweero (10), Jinja (5), Mbale (6), Masaka (3), Amuru (4), Kibuku (3), Busia (2), Gulu (1) Kyotera (16), Tororo (11), Busia (2), 10 Truck drivers; Kyotera (5), Kampala (3), Amuru (2). an accessible web community

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