Christians Asked To Use Holy Spirit Gifts Positively

Christians Asked To Use Holy Spirit Gifts Positively

By Micheal Atwakiire


Christians in Uganda has been asked to use the spiritual gifts they get from the Holy Spirit positively  so as to uplift the glory of God.

These remarked were made by  Rev. Fr. Vincent Mucunguzi, the Mushanga parish priest, while preaching at St. Rose Catholic Church Kabwohe on the Pentecost day, which is today, Sunday 9th, 2019. “Most of you are crying for the Holy Spirit gifts. But many of you have ever gotten them and used them to harass your neighbors, friends and people you meet on the way. I want to assure you that when you get the Holy Spirit and you use the gifts negatively, automatically they are taken away from you. When you get them, help your friends positively and stop doubting.” Fr. Mucunguzi said.
Fr. Vincent Mucunguzi preaching

He also told the congregation that they should keep secrets in their hearts and stop comparing the Holy Spirit gifts they get. “The problem with you people are two; first of all, after receiving these gifts, you start comparing them with those of your friends and automatically you see yours being greater than those of your friend, which results into pride. ( The second one is that after receiving them, you start showing off; you need everyone to know that indeed you have the Holy Spirit gifts, that one is totally wrong!” Fr Mucunguzi noted. The Catholic Church all over the whole world is celebrating the Pentecost, which is day Jesus’ disciples received the Holy Spirit. an accessible web community

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