City Journalist Gad Masereka Exposes Deep-Rooted Corruption, Injustices In Uganda’s Legal System As He Battles To Get Justice For Brother’s Tragic Death

City Journalist Gad Masereka Exposes Deep-Rooted Corruption, Injustices In Uganda’s Legal System As He Battles To Get Justice For Brother’s Tragic Death

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: After struggling for the last five years to get justice in vain, Kampala- based Journalist Gad Masereka, has expressed his dismay over the prevalent corruption and injustices within Uganda’s legal and security systems.

His struggle for justice for his late brother, who tragically succumbed to a fatal beating on October 23, 2019, has been met with numerous obstacles.

In an interview with our Chief Spy, Mr Andrew Irumba, Masereka narrates the distressing incident involving his late brother, Muhindo Godwin, aka Brown.

Masereka revealed that Muhindo was brutally murdered on Wednesday morning, October 23, 2019, after being violently arrested by three men on orders of Kyomuhangi Prudence in Dungu zone, Kisaasi near the Police CCTV cameras, where he resided.

The four suspects tied Muhindo on a tree with ropes and hit him until he died after they suspected him of being a thief as he returned home in the early morning hours even though there was no evidence of theft at the time.

It was only when Kyomuhangi’s son recognized Muhindo as their neighbor that the beating should have ceased. Despite the son’s intervention and pleas to stop, Kyomuhangi and the three others continued the assault until Muhindo breathed his last.

Maserekka who was called to the crime scene subsequently reported a murder case to Kisaasi community police. After returning from Muhindo’s burial in his ancestral home in Kasese district, he was shocked to discover that the case files had been manipulated in favor of Kyomuhangi, who was in custody along with one suspect, while two others remained at large.

According to Kyomuhangi’s statement at police, Muhindo was arrested in the morning at around 05:00am by three men, one working at a bar called Monalisa and  two others working at a nearby car parking. After arresting him, they took him to Kyomuhangi’s home and called for help from neighbors.

She said after opening for the three men, she entered her house, got a walking stick and started beating Muhindo. Later, she got ropes and with the help of the three men tied him on the tree  in her compound.

It is alleged that they clobbered him for over an hour until he died. Shortly after the incident, police arrived at the crime scene,  arrested and took Kyomuhangi to Universal police post, where she narrated how she and the three participated in the brutal murder of Muhindo. She was thus charged with murder.

Mean while, when police started investigating, they found some of the sticks they had used to kill him hidden under the pulpit in  Kyomuhangi’s church. Eyewitnesses further said the late was first taken to the church before he died.

According to Masereka, after burying his brother with the rest of the family, they went back to Kira Road Police where the case had been transferred. However, when they reached there, they were shocked to learn that Kyomuhangi had allegedly connived with Cops there and changed the murder case into a manslaughter.

Some Of The Pictures Which Were Taken From The Crime Scene

There after, they discovered that the suspect was released and when they went to Kira Road police station on November 7, 2019, they were told that Court at City Hall had remanded the suspect to Luzira prisons which compelled them to go to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) finally called case file with SD reference: 04/23/10/2019 CRB 140/2019 after  the  complainant filed a  complaint with his office  that police at Kira Road station were conniving with the relatives of Kyomuhangi Prudence to change the charges from murder to manslaughter.

In the complainant’s petition that was delivered to the DPP’s office, Masereka expressed his worry and alleged unfairness about how police handled his case.

Regrettably, up to date, Maserekka has tirelessly moved from one court to another, from office to office, in pursuit of justice for his late brother. Yet, his endeavors have yielded no positive results, highlighting the deeply entrenched corruption within the justice system.

5 Years Down The Road, Maserekka Is Still Struggling To Get Justice For His Brother! Watch All The Details Here

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