Comedian Kapere Hunted By Police Over Swindling Pastor’s Money

Comedian Kapere Hunted By Police Over Swindling Pastor’s Money

By Samuel Opio

Police has launched a hunt for a popular rib cracker commonly known as Kapere after he ‘successfully’ conned money by false pretense from pastor Baluku.

Pastor Baluku a resident of Nankuwadde village, Bulenga in Mityana accuses Kapere of conning him 1.5M by false pretence.

Our sources have revealed that the former member of Amarula family is on the books of police and the case was registered under the file number SD/07/11/2018.

Kapere is alleged to have promised pastor Baluku that he would bring fellow comedian Amooti to feature in one of his music videos.

“I asked Kapere if he could come and do comedy in our music videos. He accepted and when i asked him if he could get us Amooti, he said yes.  I took him to my pastor who funds my music and he was given 1.5M, 1M was to be given to Amooti and 500,000 as his share. That was the last time I heard from Kapere. I just need my money back,” the victim narrated.

However, Kapere admitted to have received the money and pleaded to be forgiven. He said this while appearing on TV.

“I have been in the field looking for money. I want to refund their money. I have heard that the video has already been shot, but I am begging them to have mercy on me. I have to look for money to feed my children but those people are very impatient,” Kapere said.

Meanwhile, the comedian says he is not scared of facing jail because it will save him from paying the debt.

“If they want to take me to police, let them come for me. Am ready to go to jail because that will save me from paying that debt!” an accessible web community

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