Confusion Won’t Work, Oulanyah Was Posioned: NRM’s Kiwanda Speaks What Others Fear!

Confusion Won’t Work, Oulanyah Was Posioned: NRM’s Kiwanda Speaks What Others Fear!

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: National Resistance Movement’s number four, who is the party’s central region vice-chairman, Kiwanda Godfrey has revealed that the fallen Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, told him that he was poisoned immediately after speakership elections.

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In a political talk show on Capital FM, Kiwanda said that though Oulanyah had other underlying illnesses, the fact that he was poisoned should not be ruled out.

Kiwanda noted, “Yes, he told me that he was poisoned, and he asked me not to tell anyone. However, I disclosed it to Hon Chris Baryomunsi. His condition worsened in the last 4-5 months.”

These come after Oulanyah’s father Nathan L’Okori yesterday for the second time told mourners that his son did not die of natural causes but succumbed to poison.

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L’Okori said, “I’m not mourning in vain. I want to say it clearly. Jacob was poisoned. He told me. The poison affected his health so much that by the time he was flown out for treatment, it was too late. He could not recover.”

He further disclosed that Oulanyah revealed the cause of his illness, which suddenly began manifesting publicly after he became a Speaker last May before he traveled for specialized medical care abroad.

“He (Oulanyah) called and promised me certain things and what he told me I know very well,” he added. However, he didn’t reveal the identity of the person who may have poisoned his beloved son.

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These revelations contradict with government’s report which states that he died of multiple organ failure as he had been battling cancer for a number of years.

Oulanyah died on March 20th at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle in the United States.

The late Speaker was elected to that position on May 24, 2021, after defeating the former Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.

He had also served as Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, from May 2011 until May 2022. an accessible web community

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