Controversial City Pastor Aloysius Bugingo ‘Dumps’ Own Biological Son For Makula’s!

Controversial City Pastor Aloysius Bugingo ‘Dumps’ Own Biological Son For Makula’s!

By Spy Uganda

Controversial City Pastor Aloysius Bugingo (Omuvandimwe) shocked his congregation last Sunday, 20th November 2022 when he announced the birthday of his wife’s son Phellan Bugingo due on the 27 of November 2022,but forgot to do so for his biological one!

As he announced several other birthdays that fell on that day, Bugingo mentioned that of Susan Makula, his companion before he invited Phellan on stage and told whoever cared to listen that this was his son since he is the husband to the mother.

The announcement sent a wave of shock murmurs amongst the haters who were astounded that Bugingo who allegedly does not care for his own family of ex wife Teddy Bugingo was now introducing Makula’s son at the expense of his biological ones. Remember Bugingo has a son with Teddy known as Miracle Bugingo. He’s eight years old.

Meanwhile, one of the concerned followers of Bugingo allegedly told media that the Pastor is not looking after his son with Teddy and does not even care to know whether he is alive or not.

“This was a shock for us. He has his son with Pastor Teddy. But he does not care at all. This is not something to take lightly. I am wondering, isn’t it that he must have cheated on Pastor Teddy that he got that Phellan or he is just an insensitive father who is bent on hurting the wife Teddy,” the congregant allegedly said.

Background Of Pastor Bugingo Saga

It must be recalled that Pastor Bugingo has had a roller coaster time since he abandoned his wife Pastor Teddy. He has moved from scandal to scandal with no sign of stopping, although most of his followers now see him as a motivational speaker as opposed to a pastor.

Having failed to secure a divorce with ex wife Teddy, Pastor Bugingo is seemingly doing whatever he feels like to make himself happy. Watch the space… an accessible web community

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