Corruption Scandals Rock Mbarara As District Officials Dive Into Bitter Fights

Corruption Scandals Rock Mbarara As District Officials Dive Into Bitter Fights

By Spy Uganda

Dramatic fights have rocked Bwizibwera Rutoma T/C after leaders failed to divide the road funds amongst themselves.

Bwizibwera is a township located in Rwanyamahembe Sub-county, in Kashari County, Kashari South Constituency in Mbarara District.  In December 2017, the township was elevated to the Town Council status.

The leaders on the spot over corruption allegations are; Mayor Bwizibwera T/C Patrick Rugambwensi, Mbarara District LCV Chairman Didas Tabaro and District Engineer William Bananuka.

According to some Whatsapp audio clips obtained by this site, the district engineer gave Bwizibwera T/C a tractor to work on several roads that are in a terrible state, but later ordered this tractor to be withdrawn and the secret behind it is that the District Chairman and the Mayor failed to agree on the exact amount of money both sides should chop off this road project.

Our well-placed source in Mbarara intimated to this site that the whole project was allocated over 49 million, but the duo only revealed 25 million to their fellow leaders and the balance was for their ‘hungry stomachs’, an allegation we can’t independently confirm.

”These guys got 49 million to work on our roads but see they only told us they got just 25m and they were going to chop the other big balance. Can you imagine such ruthless hearts? Our farmers are suffering over poor roads. Everyone is suffering but these guys are so shameless that they will even eat that small ka money that would save the wanainchi,” fumed a furious source in Mbarara on condition of anonymity.

The source has since called upon the concerned agencies; the State House Anti Corruption Unit, the Office of Inspect General of Government, and the Uganda Police among others to intervene and investigate leaders of the Mbarara district. The source says for long the duo who are currently in the bitter fight have been ”wetting their greedy beaks” with the taxpayers’ money something that has lagged behind the development of this district.

”The only thing that can rescue the situation is the intervention of concerned government agencies. Am telling you if things remain as they’re, then Mbarara people will never see any good service with these ruthless leaders. You can imagine Bwizibwera roads are currently like hell and people are continuing to suffer because of these merciless so-called leaders of ours!”, the concerned and angry Mbarara resident spit venom.

Listen To Clips Below In A Video Format; Leaders Tearing Themselves

Corruption in Uganda is not a new thing and it requires huge efforts to defeat this terrible vice. Corruption is characterized by grand-scale theft of public funds and petty corruption involving public officials at all levels of society as well as widespread political patronage systems.

One of the more recent forms of corruption is through public procurement because of the lack of transparency in transactions that happen within the government. an accessible web community

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