Coward: Museveni Escapes Snake Bite While Giving Speech!

Coward: Museveni Escapes Snake Bite While Giving Speech!

By Samuel Opio

President Museveni on Friday survived being bitten by a snake which crept into the tent where he and Lands Minister Esther Namuganza were seated.

Museveni had just started speaking to residents of Kirangira Village, Mukono District when all of a sudden he saw his SFC soldiers scampering towards his tent! They quickly put away chairs and started trampling the snake.

The snake had reached the tiny red carpet piece where the president was standing.

Museveni who  looked frightened paused his speech and asked his guards; “nini, nini, [what is it?]” but he got no answer as they combined boots to crush the snake before quickly resuming their posts.

During the time, residents were murmuring “eno nsiko ekyo Kiki ekyo (what could it be), while others were left bemused.

Watch Video: Museveni Escapes Snake Bite While Giving Speech!

Museveni later continued with his speech, ordering police to stop enforcing evictions on the Kirangira land until he studies the history of the wrangles involved before issuing a binding directive.

Museveni’s intervention comes after a complaint by 85-year old Hosea Ssonko, who narrated a sad ordeal to Museveni claiming he has been persecuted over the said land since 1990.

Ssonko who abandoned the Museveni name and insisted on continuously calling him President Emmanuel (God sent saviour) asked Museveni not to allow the evictions to happen as they would return Uganda into turmoil.

“Emmanuel, God selected you to lead this country, distance yourself from certain people close to you, they are only serving personal interests.  When I was faced with eviction, I ran to my area MP (Ronald Kibuule) for help. Instead he told me that unlike investors, Bibanja owners do not pay taxes, my question is; where are the investors when we are voting for you?” he asked.

Museveni promised to help the situation and asked those with complaints to record them directly with a team headed by Maj Edith Nakalema.

“I am still in power; I will never abandon you. My government values tenants that is why when we came, we put laws that guard tenants from evictions and also put a ceiling on ground rent. Those who think we shall compromise on issues of tenants are mistaken,” he said.

Museveni also promised to send food rations to two families that complained their gardens were razed during eviction, leaving them with nothing.

On September 13, 2016, A python was shot dead by policemen guarding Museveni’s farm in Kisozi, just hours before he celebrated his 72nd birthday.

The snake which weighed about 80kgs and 20 feet by length turned violent and was shot three times to put it out of action. an accessible web community

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