Dear Mr President, Your Very Own Son In-Law Geoffrey Kamuntu Is Frustrating Justice For Our Murdered Relative-Katanga’s Family Writes To Museveni!

Dear Mr President, Your Very Own Son In-Law Geoffrey Kamuntu Is Frustrating Justice For Our Murdered Relative-Katanga’s Family Writes To Museveni!

By TheSpy Uganda Investigations Desk

To Bring you up to speed, on November 2, 2023, the country woke up to utter shock of the sad news of the death of tycoon Henry Katanga, whom they found in a pool of blood. His cause of death has however remained controversial and left a lot of unanswered questions with in his family. Whereas his biological daughter and wife (widow now) rushed to attach the cause of death to domestic violence, his other close relatives claim family property is the cause of his death. This has left the family extremely divided. The prime suspect, Molly Bunanukye Katanga has remained in IHK apparently nursing deep cut wounds allegedly caused by the violent fight between the couple on the eve of his death.

Now, Marjorie Nyangweso, a niece to late Henry Katanga has vowed to leave no stone unturned until justice is served to the bereaved family. At Marjorie’s wedding recently, it’s her uncle Henry Katanga who gave her away, that’s how close she was to her uncle. Marjorie’s mother Nyangweso is a biological sister to late Henry Katanga.

Majorie, last Monday, while at Nakawa Court revealed to journalists that Molly’s handlers had bribed some security personnel to protect her from facing justice by keeping her in hospital to elude justice. “Let us even believe that she’s sick. That can’t stop the state from preferring charges against her and then she automatically becomes a property of Uganda prisons,meaning that she would now be a suspect and treated as such. It’s the prison officials that would be in-charge of her security at the hospital bed by now. That’s not the case now at IHK. Infact, You heard it well from the office of the DPP that her investigators are barred from accessing her,” Marjorie said.

Marjorie also accused The Daily Monitor for allegedly having been paid colossal somes of money to drive a false narrative about the incident in order to influence public perception and the court. “I used to respect Daily Monitor so much,myself having worked with a highly professional journalist, Bart Kakooza, but I was shocked to learn that they are also a gun for hire, paid hundreds of millions by Molly’s people to drive a certain narrative at the cost of our relative. That’s blood stained money for which one day they will heavily pay a higher price. Exchanging money for a dead man’s justice?” she wondered.

Marjorie has also accused President Museveni’s son in-law Geoffrey Kamuntu of using his connections in 1st family to block justice. Kamuntu is former husband to President Museveni’s last born, Diana Museveni, with whom they bore three children. Our Spy has it on good grounds that, they separated recently and even Diana applied through court to have the name “Kamuntu” dropped from her initials, which she achieved, and finally walked separate ways.

Saturday night, Marjorie picked her sharp pen and wrote this heart-wrecking missive letter to president Museveni, read it below verbatim:

Kamuntu And Former Wife Diana Museveni


Saturday, 9th December 2023

Dear President Museveni,

Ref: My Uncle Henry Katanga (RIP)

I hope my letter finds you in good health. Thank you for the exceptional work you are doing for Uganda, the East African region and for the African continent at large. Indeed, you are a revolutionary, a father to the region and in Uganda, we hail you as Jajja.

Your Excellency, on Thursday, 2, November 2023, my Uncle Henry Katanga was murdered and the prime suspect Ms.Molly Bunanukye is still holed up in International Hospital Kampala (IHK), Kisugu.

However, before I get into the reason I am writing to you, kindly be informed that we (the bereaved) have been threatened and oppressed from the time my Uncle was murdered and it should come as no surprise if my life is taken too. It has been dictated to us on different occasions by authorities in law enforcement and the military, in non-subtle ways on how we should grieve, and it’s been demanded that we keep silent while the aggressor did not keep silent but fronted narratives of the cause of my Uncle’s death being suicide and self defense in domestic violence. Some of these officers of the law have allegedly been bribed on this case to do that, some are allegedly long term beneficiaries of the alleged murderer and behind a lot of this are persons in your proximity, Your Excellency.

One of the many things told to us, is that someone from ‘above’ is annoyed by our relentless effort for justice and our tireless request that the prime suspect be detained like all other suspects. 

To us as a family, our 1st ‘above’ is God, and one thing I am certain of is that God cannot be annoyed with our efforts because He is a just God, so I beg to ask, Your Excellency, are you annoyed that we won’t give up on our quest for justice? If not, please be aware that your good name is being used by your son-in-law Geoffrey Kamuntu to stifle and delay justice by all means possible. Does such proximity to Your Excellency extend power to people to do as they please? Do the systems you have put in place only favour the rich and most well connected? 

If it is so, we beg that we be told explicitly so that we can start to gather the shards of our tattered hearts with shame, shame that we even dared to try and trust the systems of this government.

Your Excellency, we have watched you shape your legacy and build it up, brick by brick, a legacy that has strong wins, and we kindly request that the justice for my Uncle’s murder be an additional component to your legacy towards a crime free and safe Uganda.

You see, this painful journey to justice has been punctuated by so much impunity from the camp of the aggressor, a show of the power of money and influence, behaviour that has further aggrieved us and placed more questions than answers on the state of our case and the justice system of this Country. This all began at the undermining of the court order on where to bury my Uncle, the malicious attacks to the persons that have stood in the gap to lend us their support (these persons being in-laws, relatives, family friends and well wishers) because the strategy is to isolate us to grieve until we tire and they walk away scot-free, broad day bribing of all and sundry to do the bidding of the aggressor, bluntant undermining of a court order by the prime suspect to show up at court yet the suspect can be wheeled off to “have medical examinations done” away from the facility they are aboard. 

Your Excellency, we are all citizens of this great nation Uganda and we all live under your leadership, young and old alike, regardless of tribe or religion. I dare write to you, because my trust is that you lead impartially and your actions are consistent with your words, reaching out to treat all people fairly. We know that you incline yourself towards truth and justice despite and inspite of who these elements affect. 

I was born in your regime and I have seen you slay many dragons in and out of Uganda. Amongst numerous achievements, you have been hailed for a disciplined military force, that is skilled and highly trained. With your leadership, the mutiny of Kony in Northern Uganda was stopped and you have destroyed rebel groups. Your results, tact and wisdom, precede you. 

Your Excellency, because of all this, we implore you, in fact, we beg you to put down this Goliath that boastfully stands before us, making a mockery of our grief. You know my grandmother, she is old and frail, she is in the evening of her life, she stands alone surrounded by the graves of her husband and children, she doesn’t eat, neither does she sleep, she cries when she goes to rest and when she rises, she cries through her prayers, within and outside of conversation. We’re not requesting you to influence in our favour, but the facts of this case are rather obvious, kindly allow my kaaka justice.

Your Excellency, all we request of you is justice. Before all this, you never heard from any of us, until we saw the combination of Jezebel and Goliath pursuing us, so our cry comes from grief untold and pain unbearable. My kaaka Miriel Kyobuhoro can use the closure that justice brings, we can all use it, to comfort our disillusioned hearts.

During this case, we have come to appreciate that firearms are amongst unlicensed persons and if left this way, firearms will be the cause of increase in murders and other crime. I for one wonder why a supplier of firearms used their own product. In my layman’s understanding, I would expect that they have been trained enough to know better, in fact much better than the regular licensed fire arms owner. I beg that the procurement process of fire arms be re-evaluated, and the selection committee be overhauled, they’re failing you.

Your Excellency, my Bible tells me that I will reap from what I’ve sown, and indeed, I have seen good and bad consequences come from my decisions. I have been asked to forgive because the Bible demands that I do, and I am getting there, however forgiveness doesn’t exonerate somebody from their wrong doing, there are consequences to their actions, just as there should be in this case. The Bible says that God corrects those He loves, and He tells us to spare the rod and spoil the child, I am not telling you how to do your job, in fact how dare I, but on the contrary, I am requesting Your Excellency to put my Uncle’s murderer away, so that she can be rehabilitated.

Your Excellency, I am aware that I run the risk of becoming a target to blood thirsty people, but I would rather die on this hill of truth, for my grandmother, my mother, everyone that loves my dear Uncle Henry and for a more safe Uganda.

Your Excellency, kindly throw your weight behind getting my Uncle justice, getting my kaaka closure and the rest of us will then breathe a sigh of relief.

Yours Sincerely,

Marjorie Nyangweso 

Daughter to Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Francis .W. Nyangweso (RIP) & Naome Nyangweso Kashishani, a niece to my Uncle Henry Katanga (RIP) an accessible web community

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