Dirty Secrets Exposed! Businessman Henry Katanga Was Murdered Hours Before Signing His WILL

Dirty Secrets Exposed! Businessman Henry Katanga Was Murdered Hours Before Signing His WILL

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: As investigations continue to unfold, the latest updates landing on our news desk indicate that businessman Henry Katanga was allegedly murdered hours before he appended his signature on a WILL that he had prepared a week earlier and kept it in a safe box inside his office.

According to sources, prior to his death, Katanga had prepared the necessary paperwork documenting all his wealth and had only shared that secret with his sister, Naome Nyangweso and his lawyer.

Sources further revealed to our Spy that Katanga had also warned his sister whom he reached out to using a different phone which he would also lock inside the safe box in his office to be mindful of evil-minded individuals that were trailing both of them.


The last time he met his sister- the only surviving children out of 9- was in a special hire cab saying he was being followed by bad people but he never revealed who the bad people were.

Katanga was shot on a morning of November 2, inside his bedroom after an alleged misunderstanding with his wife Molly Katanga, whom he worked with at their procurement and supplies firm called MERGE.


The two had penetrated the system and would transact with government agencies huge classified budgets.

At the time of his death, a source within the family revealed that Katanga had just made a transaction of shs16 billion.

“Besides working with Molly, he had other different lines of making his own money including money lending. He had so far gotten shs16 billion,” a source who preferred anonymity told our Spy.


Katanga had been taking care of a number of orphans of his dead siblings and loved them as his own children including the two children of his sister Naome; Timothy Nyangweso and Marjorie Nyangweso.

Relatives highly anticipate that Katanga was planning to distribute all his property equally in a WILL among his biological children and other orphans which could have annoyed whoever pulled the trigger to end his life 22 days ago.

“The plan was to kill him that very day because there was no time to wait since he was planning to leave home and sign the papers,” another relative said.

According to Naome, Katanga’s lawyer who remains unknown to the public was aware of the death threats that his client was facing and his death did not surprise him that is why he(Katanga) was racing against time to finish the WILL which was never a success.

While as Katanga could have prepared and signed the will a little earlier, he was busy with arrangements for giveaway and wedding functions for his foster daughter Patricia alias Tricia for over two weeks.

Tricia is among the suspects, and she was remanded to Luzira prison on murder charges. At the time of the shooting, Tricia confirmed to Police that she was present and revealed how her father and mother got a misunderstanding before she heard a gunshot.

It is also worth remembering that earlier this week, Kampala businessman Barnabas Taremwa and Gen Freddie Karara Machwa demanded that Molly Katanga, the alleged key suspect in the gruesome murder should be sent to Luzira prison and join her co-accused.

The demands come after the DPP preferred murder charges against widow Molly Katanga who has been admitted at IHK Hospital where they say she is merely ‘lodging with self-inflicted wounds’.

According to the duo, Molly Katanga should join her co-accused persons in Luzira prison where they asserted that there are good enough facilities to take good care of her if she is sick and genuinely unwell as she claims.

The duo also claim that sacks of money have been made available to frustrate the process by the DPP and Courts of law to get to the truth.

They (Taremwa and Machwa) also talk of threatening phone calls their lawyers (Frank Kanduho and Paul Kutesa) have been receiving with those calling vowing to end their lives in the same way Henry Katanga met his death. They also announced the withdrawal of their inquest application whose objective was to demand court-level inquiry into what exactly happened.

The duo also declared readiness to aid and give prosecutors more evidence in case they require any to corroborate their case in order to ensure that Henry Katanga doesn’t die in vain.

Well, at TheSpy Uganda, we pledge to keep our tabs on this matter to its logical conclusion. Watch the space….

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