Don’t Stoop Too Low,It’s Not You To Choose Who Picks Me: Bobi Wine Slams Police Travel Route Plan!

Don’t Stoop Too Low,It’s Not You To Choose Who Picks Me: Bobi Wine Slams Police Travel Route Plan!

By Andrew Irumba

Kyadondo East Mp Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has warned police not to interfere with his Thursday programme when he returns home from USA where he has been for specialized medicare following his alleged brutal arrest and torture during the Arua municipality by-election meele. Bobi wine has told off police leadership that it’s not them to choose for him who picks him from the airport as they had earlier own said in their press release by their mouth piece, SSP Emilian Kayima.

Bobi Wine wear the red bandana of Ugandans protesting Museveni’s attempt to rule for life

Read his full statement he released shortly before jumping on his plane in Amsterdam to Entebbe airport..   

“While in the waiting lounge here in Amsterdam, I just saw the Uganda Police spokesman Emilian Kayima and other senior police officers announcing that they will only allow my immediate family members to receive me from Entebbe Airport. They also said they will escort me to my home!!

Why do these police officers allow themselves to descend so low? They now want to decide who picks me and where I go upon arrival?

Well, for your information, no single family member will receive me at the Airport, I will find them home coz I know where home is.  I will be received by friends, colleague leaders and artistes. I will then go and see my sickly grandmother briefly at Najjanankumbi from where I will head to Kamwokya for lunch with my family (brothers and sisters) before I go to my home in Magere. I am a free Ugandan with the right to movement freely in my country. The police has no business telling me who receives me and who cannot or where I go and where I cannot. This impunity must stop! Wama see you friends tomorrow. #PeoplePower_OurPower

Bobi Wine” an accessible web community

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